These are the opposite of deals.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. You'll need to prepare for the r40 gargantuar

  2. ok I get the debris part, like wreckage remains, but whats the other reference?

  3. not relatable when i was a beginner round 63 was ez for me and it was round 76 that i struggled on

  4. round 76 was easy for me and it was round 78 that I struggled on

  5. Just click an unlimited amount of times obviously

  6. Future Funk was my first hard demon, i don't even know how i managed to fluke the last part (My worst death was 83%)

  7. Basically they were these really dumb levels kids would make back in like 2.0. whenever they didn't like someone they would make a "death" level and animate their gd icon getting tortured or killed. They're not as gruesome as they sound, just really shitty vent levels

  8. This brought back a lot of memories

  9. You can't, you need to spare them so you can unlock the pacifist ending

  10. You also need to make sure to go on a date with the MOAB

  11. Unless you've had years of didgeridoo lessons

  12. my luck when I'm trying to beat a 5m

  13. Ah yes, 200 epics and 10 chest keys are actually worth 150$

  14. They'll never stop being available for yellow gems. The price will drop to 30 after a few months and then stay at 30 permanently. Compete started in 2022 so you have nothing to worry about

  15. Easy? As in the easy difficulty by RobTop? dude I love that difficulty

  16. I don't know you. Chaotic evil.

  17. I've beaten a couple of hard demons, tried to beat windy but failed miserably so now I just play for fun

  18. Leyak has been moved up from the legacy list to #2, above Slaughterhouse and below Acheron. This pushes Dole Damos into the Legacy List.

  19. "At least" a top 2 so it could be above Acheron

  20. This is literally stop pollution 😥♥️

  21. They didn't even include Ohio😭😭😭😭

  22. I'm a few hours late, can I still have some downvotes?

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