1. I have a meshify c and I love how much smaller it is than most ATX cases, but damn if it doesn't make finding a GPU difficult nowadays. When I was shopping for a 4070ti, most of the models wouldn't fit (with a front fan installed in the case), and the TUF model I got only has like half an inch of clearance.

  2. i have the 4070ti TUF in the meshify and its a perfect fit. also there are a lot more 4070tis that fit our case.

  3. I'd say to get it lower as the arm where it's mounted isn't centered on the screen

  4. Monitor isn't centered on the horizontal metal beam

  5. I understood that. I was asking what of it? Whats wrong with not being centered?

  6. heres a solution thats solves oscillation on 100% of steering wheels since all of them have it .

  7. You cannot create a Nvidia Surround display group between displays that are on disparate GPUs. e.g. If I move one of my screens to the iGPU, Nvidia Surround WILL NOT allow me to use that display as part of a Nvidia Surround group.

  8. i agree on your last post. but i was refering on the previous post as a 4th monitor was mentioned conected on igpu and not the ones in the surround group.

  9. HDMI 2.0 to DisplayPort adapters won't pass G-Sync to an attached monitor, unfortunately :(

  10. Ive spoken to a few friends and they now confirmed that they could get nvidia surround work with gsync with 2xDP + 1x hdmi to Dp adapter.(i havent yet confrimed which adapter exactly)

  11. surprise surprise, Cypriots following the script more than the rest..

  12. I hate how Dirt has jank arcade physics for LFBing. It’s just like a magic switch that instantly makes your car rotate in almost the exact way I always want… and it seems to rotate uniformly around the midpoint of the car, initiating a perfectly controllable slide instead of causing front wheels to bite in more and gain traction. It just twists your car to point where you want, which is much easier and unrealistic than front wheels biting in and potentially causing weird weight shift and swinging of the back end.

  13. I dont know bro i drive the same way in RBR and it also reacts as i except it.

  14. Everyone is moaning about dynamic weather. but when they get it the immediately never choose wet weather to race in.

  15. Good! . the game needs LESS single seaters and more cool race cars(actual cars).

  16. Oh boohoo he is cutting trees the "wrong" way. in a fake world where the trees are literary endless..

  17. Thats awesome, is this model public? would print it right now!

  18. Im also using a buck converter which can be adjusted for voltage and amps. set it up at 5.1v and 3+amps and i still get the damn undervoltage error.

  19. They probably got review samples and review drivers. On the support website there are no drivers to be found and windows is also not able to correctly detect it at the moment.

  20. seriously? wtf.. you should ask from support at least??

  21. I am pretty sure they just thought they had a few hours more to get it all up and running. Seems like I am among the first people to get it.

  22. good luck then. My experience with TM support was nothing but positive.

  23. and the 14500 of them just play shutoku and cruise around. Boring AF. its the high before its death.

  24. Soft suspension and loose dirt needs the following.

  25. You should of started with the metal thing you have in the end of the video :P

  26. Is the air coming from the tube only or is there more air coming from further forward that i cant see ?

  27. There is a large inlet further upstream bringing in a lot of air really fast and pretty smoothly. The pipe is dropping fog in so we can see how the air flows.

  28. Awesome. good work. would be awesome to print mini cars and test them out.

  29. They still did not fix the simplest and most important bit.. wow good goin..

  30. You wont be getting quality for discord with any bluetooth earbuds. 100% of them will be subpar for voice call due to bluetooth connectivity.

  31. ah yes an announcement for the announcements of the announcement.

  32. They have the potential of making a good sound.

  33. Sound? Is there any documents that aren’t PR bullshit about this. Nice to know you can compare, because with DD I’ve heard there’s a lot less of a difference between motors, it’s more the shafts, and wheel quality. So to hear actual genuine differences maybe around like belt vs gear is interesting

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