1. I don't know if this is an issue for experienced players or not, but I have had several instances where the board was crowded, but I felt the opponent had a clear advantage if they swung out, but they withheld, giving me time to come back. Push the advantage if you have it.

  2. If by inspired, you mean stealing from the Hobbit, yes.

  3. I think you're correct for the most part and the fact that there's busted rares/mythics in the retro artifact slot adds to the count. In addition a lot of great rares are colorless so they'll make more decks. You're going to face a lot of rares. That said I do think the interaction is there. There's also a lot of really high power cheap creatures, so attacking to race past rares is also an option. The format is likely designed to be fast as a way to make the rares less good so that they sit on the battlefield for shorter time accruing value (in the most general sense possible), as the game is often just over.

  4. I've seen wurmcoil engine played against me more than seems reasonable.

  5. Ok nice, but can you generate that much morsel in one turn? I mean a thousand dmg turn 1 is quite something especially with Umbra I’d say.

  6. Morsel maker with the other morsel guy infused. So it doubled all morsels. I had primoridum as the champion, full aggressive. I had two retch in the deck, I think I opened with one. I had double gorge triggers. Making of a morsel to start it off.

  7. The way Hunger from morsel made works is that when you play a unit that can be eaten, he eats all units on the floor once. This lets you chow through Primoridum, and makes retch super good, especially with holdover.

  8. Why are we made to have grief? Not to torment us; it is an appropriate reaction to loss, it is motivating, it can bond us together.

  9. 13th Age encourages GMs to reward you for your creativity, even if it discourages you from searching for small bonuses for minor tactical arrangements.

  10. I'm ok with the lack of crunchiness in the system. I embrace the drama, not the dice. After all the replies to this post, I'm starting to think it's module we are playing and not the game itself.

  11. I'm bad with remembering to add interactables to the environment lately, so I've been trying to ask a player to tell me something unique about the battlefield and maybe work that into an ongoing effect.

  12. This technically doesn't answer their question. Having {w} immediately means it can only go into white commander decks.

  13. Colorless can often do effects limited to colored mana at a higher cost. For example, the 7 mana Scour from Existence versus the something like Cast out for 3w (true the latter is an enchantment).

  14. So, I ran a ST:DS9 inspired D&D game, which translated to a giant floating sky island castle site.

  15. You don't need to care about videos on the internets if your group is happy.

  16. Doesn't sound like those husbands are loving their wives as Christ loved the church or laying down their lives for them.

  17. We're looking at a pretty mixed bag: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Commander, and the 3PP Warlock. That's pretty much set in stone because we're converting an existing 5e game.

  18. One problem I see is who the commander is going to command. Hopefully the cleric or druid will take some melee options.

  19. I tried to emphasize how backgrounds are basically skills but still had players give overly complicated or redundant ones (Like "Monastery cook" "knows a lot about herbs" "lived in a monastery"). Feel free to adjust it after a session or too if you don't catch it at first--combine them if they are redundant and help them spread them out to cover, say, both physical and social situations. (Also, you can give out backgrounds as rewards if you want--"Heroes of Axis" should get an advantage in social situations in town!)

  20. Improvements on the simple classes, like Rangers and Paladins.

  21. Bards need a couple new talent options for those not too into the icon mechanics.

  22. Just remember to write it in big letters on the initiative chart so you don't forget it!

  23. The corruption came from him stealing power that wasn’t given of free will, so it corrupted him.

  24. Rewrite the sentences above without the word corruption. Try to get at what you really mean when you use that term.

  25. Not long enough, or he'd rip that freaking thing off his face.

  26. I'm assuming she actually wants women to watch her stuff regularly.

  27. If you want to talk to women go where women are. If you want to talk about MtG, you're going to mostly be talking to men.

  28. You cannot claim that Paul personally said anything when you weren't there.

  29. Male gaze is half the reason people collect this game, be careful what you wish for.

  30. I recently finished all of these, don't really remember the particular strategies for any of them... like

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