1. I love him and he's a really sweet guy. I just set the boundary early on that we'd have to have some adventures and not just stick to what's comfortable. He's the one that agreed to it.

  2. Why shouldn't you give her judgement ? Asshole bfs , incompatible bfs , controlling bfs don't get as much mercy . YTA

  3. does “/s” mean serious or sarcastic? Please enlighten me.

  4. Jon Jones said that out of all the dudes he fought, he was most afraid of Rampage, lmao.

  5. Wut ? Jones completely demolished him tho . It was one of his most one sided fight . Jones is weird .

  6. Rampage has a very intimidating presence. He comes off as the type that could just explode on you real quick. Many of his opponents have deemed him their most terrifying matchup, regardless if they beat him or not.

  7. regarde mes downvotes rien que sur ce sujet, avec personne qui participe/réponds, rien que ça, je te valide ;)

  8. Désaccord = fanatisme ? Après on reproche aux vegans d'être pleurnicheurs.

  9. Il n'y a que deux droits fondamentaux. La liberté d'expression et les droits de propriété, tous les autres droits en découlent directement. Tout le reste se crée d'une manière ou d'une autre par un processus d'échanges et de marché, y compris la nourriture en quantité et le logement. C'est pourquoi c'est aujourd'hui les pays qui ouvrent le plus leurs marchés qui résorbent le plus vite la pauvreté, les logements insalubres et la faim, les exemples sont par dizaines.

  10. Achum ... tu connais Vienne et leur system de logement publique ?

  11. Nah Crowder should be made fun of, just like people madz fun of Ted Haggard when his scandal came out .

  12. Danish people and swedish people are like brothers , they are basically the same like the brits and Irish

  13. I have been in a lot of situations leading to fierce arguments .. I've even shouted back, sometimes so bad that the opposite person gets scared... But I can tell you I've never crossed the line with my words... I always tell, never use certain words with the intention of hurting another person... Use words only if they're in the right.

  14. I guess it is an American thing because nobody in the rest of the world takes gender reveal seriously .

  15. Nah dude, the boy's running was so hard it caused a nuclear explosion.

  16. Gracie jiujitsu lets a smaller man survive and beat a larger man using gentle techniques that maximize leverage. Helio taught and executed these techniques perfectly.

  17. Except he didn't. Helio himself admitted he got chocked out before getting his arm broken

  18. Il mange de la baguette d'une boulangerie extra européen , donc il est pas raciste .

  19. 2 fois front national au second tour , à votre place je la ramènerai pas .

  20. She didn't steal tips , and 2 , tip system is only in US and Canada . While other countries has the decency to pay a wage .

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