1. I ran into this issue when I was swapping hotends. I tightened my thermistor tight and my screen popped up with that same error, I backed out off and power cycled the printer. It fixed it, that was on my 4.2.7 board. on my 4.2.2 board I was cleaning off old filament with a metal brush ( lesson learned there ) and my board would not come back so I bought the 4.2.7 and that was that ived tried other trick with the old bored since and it wont get passed the thermal protection thing all because I shorted the thermistor wires ..

  2. The error doesn’t occur right away tho it happens about 30 min into print

  3. You shorted out the thermistor back the screw off a bit and see if that fixes the issue if not you have burned the board out and will need to replace it

  4. How would I have shorted it? Once I started getting this issue I checked the screw and it was pretty loose so I tightened it.

  5. Whats your layer height and nozzle size?

  6. prints flawless for me on a v2, shocked.

  7. You need to elaborate on “not print right”

  8. I calibrated temp and flow yet the prints still kinda mush together

  9. Yes..... I love it! All I use.

  10. It’s seems like it’s overheating even tho I calibrated temps and flow. What settings do you use.

  11. Even when I raise the z offset to the point where my second one is good then it’s too high for the first layer

  12. That’s not how z-offset works. The setting offsets the z distance between home and first layer only; the z distance between layer 1 and 2 (and subsequent layers) will follow the layer height you set in your slicer.

  13. Ya i calibrated flow. Is it possible my steps for z axis are wrong and it’s not lifting the extruder enough

  14. This used to happen to me all the time it’s because your filament is snapping and then getting fed around the gear instead of Bowden tube. Loosen the extruder arm tension spring it shouldn’t be all the way in. Also check retract settings for maximum retract in a distance default is 100 but it should be around 10.

  15. I just installed a cr touch and update the firmware now it says my bed temp is 522 and when I try to preheat it says nozzle temp too low

  16. I have being using this ender 3 for weeks and this just started happening. Sometimes it’ll wait till it gets to temperature and then do this.

  17. Try using preheat/auto home/ then start print. Might just be freezing the software because of a sequence error

  18. Don’t worry about the presets as you will have to change settings anyways to be appropriate for your machine and what your printing

  19. Print multiple calibration prints. Print, calibrate and repeat. Then tackle something with a million retractions. New cooling ducts for sure. If you can linear advance.

  20. Is it possible to get linear advance on an e3 v2?

  21. IDK what exact changes you should make because my printer and materials are different than yours, but for this kind of stuff you usually want to touch retraction distance, retract speed and prime speed, travel settings, temperature, layer height and print speed. Mostly the first 4. No way of knowing without experimenting. Also maybe cut of a couple of millimeters from you bowden tube at both ends so that the couplers don't keep on chewing the same spot, that really helps with retractions. Bowden systems that our enders use are commonly considered inferior for precise extrusion, but with enough tuning they can get almost flawless results

  22. Thanks your help. Do you mind elaborating on cutting the Bowden tube and how that affects the results?

  23. The fittings have tiny teeth inside, that bite the bowden tube at an angle. And the more you use it, the more they dig into it. After a while they will have bitten so deep that when the bowden tube keeps on switching from under tension (when extruding) and under compression (when retracting), the teeth will slide in and out of the trench they dug, allowing the bowden tube to effectively sliding in ans out from the couplers, by as much as a few millimeters. This totally kills your precision in depositing filament. Kinda hard to explain, but you can test it for yourself by drawing a line on the tube at the point in which it exits from the fittings and keep an eye on it during retractions. You can also see it visually in

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