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  1. The UK accessed a time machine in the final panel to bring Canada and Australia from the future to prove his point.

  2. I set a big thermos of ice cold water, filled with ice, next to my desk. Because of my ADHD I'm constantly trying to get a dopamine hit from eating or snacking. If I put this bottle next to me it's what I "snack on"

  3. I mean I think Maarva knows that Cassian meets with a mysterious fellow, at the very least she knows that Cass fucks over the morlana one cops that come along.

  4. The death star is no ship. Its a battle station. A fully armed and operational battle station.

  5. I know what a rat looks like doesn't mean I know how it'll squeel if I pull its tail.

  6. Closest things to lord we have are elected Lord Mayors of notable cities. For example, Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Wollongong just to name a few.

  7. Further solidifying the theory that everything eventually evolves into a crab. I really wasn't expecting CARcinization in

  8. The buses in UK just have the second level (double decker) which is handy.

  9. I am writing this comment while on a double decker in Sydney right now lol.

  10. Yeah wow haha. I haven't used a bus in Sydney for years. How common are they?

  11. They're generally reserved for specific lines afaik, on those lines they're pretty much double decker 90% of the time, but not a lot of lines are reserved for them. I'd say 10-20% maybe even less. It could also depend on your area.

  12. My personal read on the comment, is that if people are normalising anti-semitism, and making it a prerequisite to fit in with their group, then all hell is going to break loose.

  13. Peterson's an ass but he's generally been quite nice to Jews - he's pals with Shapiro too, who is Jewish. I doubt he's antisemitic.

  14. Inb4 disney sues the shit out of everyone in the village and their dog.

  15. Even cheaper than undeveloped land is undevelopable land. Don’t know if it’s the same where you are, but in Ontario (Canada) there are parcels of land which you can buy but are not legally allowed to build on (due to environmental protections). This land is (not surprisingly) often quite cheap. Here it’s referred to as being zoned ‘recreational’ on the real estate sites. There’s a nice little parcel with a protected river running through it I’ve been drooling over for a while. 4 or so acres (with only other similar undeveloped land around it), a few hours from the city, non-motorized boat access only, with a launch site in the nearest town.

  16. What if, and hear me out hear - as an incentive to risk their money the people investing could get a larger portion of the profit? proportional to the amount they invest? It only seems fair if they're the ones putting in all the risk, they should really get more of the reward.

  17. My experience with ADHD meds is I stay the fuck away from caffeine while on meds because it's like doubling up on the dosage (caffeine acts similar to ADHD meds in that they both calm me down and help me focus)

  18. Interesting! Coffee has always had this effect on me and I recently learned I likely have ADHD. Referred to specialist just this morning.

  19. One of the first questions that was asked of me when I was diagnosed was "do you drink coffee and what is its effect on you". Essentially if you don't have ADHD coffee will stimulate you (buzz you up - as its a stimulant). If you have ADHD it will do the opposite, like other stimulant medication - it will calm you down, make you feel more focused.

  20. Order of operations doesn't even matter here. 2 / 3 * 6 is done left to right.

  21. Yavin 4 is the planet of the rebel base. This meme doesn't make sense.

  22. I've actually bought one of these, the packaging is very obvious to me. Its a suction thing for blackheads, comes with different things to attach to the sucker for different "heads".

  23. There's a western Sydney accent? I live in western Sydney and I'm not aware of it.

  24. I struggle most with whether I should give the gift or not. Usually I'm pretty good at knowing what would be a great gift, but I fear whether it's too much and they'll think I'm weird or too overbearing for getting a gift that's probably more appropriate for a friend who's a lot closer.

  25. "we should make the lives of everyone worse purely to prepare for an event that will probably never happen"

  26. guarding against the possibility of tyranny is more akin to locking your house's door, instead of refusing to buy a TV.

  27. No it's not, tyranny is the burglar! Its probably not just gonna appear, especially if you lock your doors, and either way the teeny tiny risk of it coming isn't worth not buying that TV.

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