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  1. Vertile - no sleep, if it releases this year. Is song of the year for me

  2. It's one of their new songs. Probably comes out soon seeing that too happy will realease this thursday

  3. I know he isn't gonna do it. But jj streaming overwatch on twitch would be massive

  4. I'm sorry? Scoop on heaven. 0 votes? Are we mental? :(

  5. Why is john cena not hitting him back?

  6. This is what i see when i close my eyes after taking 2cb, absolutely love it.

  7. Has someone calculated when max could be champion?

  8. Sebastian vettel, you are the five time champion of the world!!

  9. just gonna let you know, it`s not, cause they told you it was non refundeble while you were buying it. so if u were to sue them, you would lose

  10. You don't know anything about law it seems. Because you're completely wrong,and it shows. The only person who would lose are you. Because you're a person that takes everything for granted. I paid a deposit with the guarantee to be able to order the phone. The phone is not available at all in my country. As a result, they do not fulfill their own agreements. A basis to hold them accountable for this, since there is a shortcoming in the fulfillment of the agreement, on which this surety is based.

  11. And you are from holland right? So am I and I ordered mine so that is in fact strange?

  12. And you know they have till the 25th to restock and sell you right? Or did you go on a rant before checking the details?

  13. You should check out displate, they might have some more mac miller ones. I got one from there and it is amazing. If they don’t maybe amazon might have some left

  14. That chuck leclerk guy is pretty good, they should put him in a race winning car

  15. Idk, check on ur grandmas backyard, they sell some high shit ngl

  16. In fact they do, perks of living in holland

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