1. You won't get the whole code from anyone. but you can have a look at this and start off yourself.

  2. Hi, I do <2 min MMA videos but introduce gaming elements, and quirky motion graphics. This is for the most part experimental. I wish that it could translate to something, probably taking out the martial arts altogether. By the way I play on very mild stereotypes - I’m of Asian background - so if you’re very sensitive to this then hold off.

  3. Quirky, cyberpunk vid for feedback <2mins. Thank you very much. All my work is also in Davinci Resolve plus a ton in photoshop. Had through if using after effects for motion graphics, just to test the other side, but DR is just such great software. All my motion graphics including the first scene that looks like a vid game is done in DR. I’m a fan boy. Thanks again.

  4. Yup same issue. In my case there are parental controls but even when I get rid of them - still same issue!!!

  5. Just wondering how far you got with this, exactly same issue I’m facing…

  6. The original creator of the video just got back to me and said he used blender and after effects to create it

  7. Blender, yes. Had thought as much. Would love to learn this. I do everything in Davinci Resolve.

  8. Hi I make 90 second videos that use elements of humour, video games and animation to teach kids mixed martial arts. We are Asian, and try not to take ourselves too seriously and play on various Asian / Chinese cues to try and keep it light. We record our fight scenes in a street fighter’esk style. Thank you, really appreciate it.

  9. I watched your videos multiple times trying to find flaws but couldn't think of any. I love your presentation, the voiceover, pacing/length, and special effects. This is quality content and I see your channel growing! Keep up the good work!

  10. Argh, not good. We have to support each other tho - out of interest did they sub also?

  11. I have tried to do the same thing. But the subject is BJJ (ju jitsu). I open with a joke, then bring in concepts that draw on video games with motion graphics plus flashy transitions. I bring in my kids into these videos and touch on stereo types - warning only for those who don’t take themselves too seriously - but the core of it is learning.

  12. Man I’m a newb to ADCC and this announcer made me cringe. It was enough for me to think that all the lead-up vids flo did were undone in an instant.

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