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  1. Dewars 32 is the smoothest whisky I have ever tried, yet it is still packed full of flavor, crazy shit.

  2. I feel like it happens way more often than usual though. Like 90% of my games has these people who ignore a clear winner and attack me

  3. What maniac attacks “the clear winner”? If you’re expecting that then you’re the one with a deluded perception of the game.

  4. People say they play for a second place finish? Like what a loser mentality

  5. I had a game today were the player in 3rd kept on breaking my bonus allowing the player in first to keep building their advantage. I solidified my stack, wiped the player out, and took second. I’m not wasting hours of my life on a game in which someone has decided to be either annoying or tactless to the point that i can’t win, just for the sake of pride. I’ll take second and do it quickly so I can go about my day - what a loser mentality to waste so much time on what is often inevitable anyway.

  6. Redbreast 21 - sure it’s good, but it is talked about far more highly than I think is justified. And the price is very steep too.

  7. In my opinion not at this price. It is very nice, but I found it quite hot and for the price & age statement I expect much better alcohol integration. The flavors are great but, in my opinion, the 12CS and 15 are better (in both taste and price/quality ratio).

  8. Practice the songs you do have, so many people write songs but few refine them or play them to a really polished standard.

  9. this terrifies me, sometimes i am afraid to tell my husband i am having symptoms because I don’t want him to think i’m crazy. I also try to engage in social activities, dates etc. even when my HA is debilitating because I don’t want to affect our relationship. What do i do 😭

  10. You should tell your husband, not just about the symptoms, but the overarching cause and what health anxiety entails. Having somebody who knows and understands what you’re going through, and can support you through it, can be very helpful, especially on the days your brain is really on overdrive.

  11. Landlords, though I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a “job”.

  12. Just say, if confronted, that you wrote it about an imagined situation/emotion/story - you sometimes have to do that anyway to make a good song, I don’t think anybody could say categorically that you were lying if you used this as a reason.

  13. Pete Doherty, hard to say “best” but probably my favorite.

  14. I like how they didn’t even dignify Blanton’s with a price.

  15. No no don’t sit the baby up, your video is much more important..

  16. I just popped a Signatory Unchillfiltered Edradour, just lovely stuff.

  17. It really is, I’m on the look out for a bottle myself. So far no dice but hopefully soon…

  18. Did you let it rest in your glass before drinking it? I heard good things about the 90, so I’m a bit surprised

  19. Also worth noting there’s a lot of different 1990 bottlings ranging from 23 - 27yrs in age, and they are each rated differently too, so that might be a factor.

  20. Yes completely reasonable to judge an entire rating to have high standards after playing one game with both opponents playing well LMAO. People play like 10 blunders in a game in 1300 bullet rating so this is just a happy accident dude.

  21. Yes I was making a judgment based off of this one game, it’s not like this has happened regularly. Should I of screenshot the 100’s of games I’ve experienced this in and posted here? Please enlighten me with some more passive aggressiveness please.

  22. Stupid thread then bro. 1000's are bad at bullet still. Don't know what you want from this thread.

  23. It’s ok somebody already provided a decent answer, save your dogshit personality for someone else.

  24. Is ‘strangury’ a contraction of strangle and injury? I really hope it is so I can add it to my regular vocabulary.

  25. Gerrymandering. Lobby groups. Politicians with stocks/shares/own businesses - an absolute predeterminate of being a politician should be that you have as few conflicting and/or personal interests that get in the way of your stated role serving the public - too many politicians use their position as a gravy train to serve themselves.

  26. You’re trying to hard to be Liam instead of being yourself. You’re forcing his nasality, his technique (very close to the mic), his drawl onto your singing but you dont have his technique or style. I don’t mean this in a horrible way I just mean trying to replicate Liam is really difficult, and that you’d be better adapting your own voice to the song rather than trying to imitate someone else’s.

  27. Counterfeiting money. It’s an interesting crime in that it highlights both the absurdity of money, as well as the absurdity of criminalizing individuals for printing money, yet allowing private, self interested institutions to do so on a much grander scale without rebuke.

  28. It’s like they’re trying their upmost to drive people away from the game now that it is enjoying a bit of popularity. Utter madness.

  29. It’s awful for it, and it’s full of people and freeing advice who know fuvk and all about either health anxiety or about the symptoms/diseases you are anxious about. As with Dr.Google avoid at all costs in order to maintain your sanity.

  30. Very nice, if you can stretch your budget a bit the Caribbean Cask 14yr is even better.

  31. Yea, well what alternative did you leave them? You had 3 continents. What'd you expect everyone to do? Give up?

  32. He said it was the cheater who had 3 continents and then let the other person win - maybe try reading a bit before getting on your soapbox.

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