1. Smoke any J's any comment on ash colour or burn quality?

  2. Ah I meant to include a photo. Mostly white with hints of grey. Smoked a 1gram cone. 🔥 Burned really good, didn't go out once. Got me quite stoned early on in the day.

  3. Appreciate you, can't stand it when a joint is constantly going out. Yeah green crack is usually pretty cerebral for most people. Definitely gives me that stoned/fuzzy feeling a lot more than most strains. Glad to see good supply stepping up quality, will only help raise the floor on budget ounces. Thanks for the review!

  4. Didn't burn clean enough for premium $ bud imo, went out too frequently. Too bad, they were putting out some fire last year.

  5. I love this option. Really nice flavor. How does the sour cookies compare to this. I've been tempted to grab a half but always shy away. Anyone had both?

  6. Comatose is a step or two above the sour cookies imo. I'd still grab the 14gs of sour cookies though, it'll just be slightly drier and not quite as flavourful. Still surprieor to the majority of bulk offerings though.

  7. The white runtz burns cleaner in a J, it also has a nice resin ring which was noticeably absent on my bacio punch. Blkmkt always wins on appearance but I have to agree that I prefer SB in terms of taste translating to the smoke and and a broader/longer high imo. Have you tried the 1964 Comatose yet?

  8. What’s the taste/smell like ?

  9. Earthy, pepper, slightest hint of ammonia, translates decently to a joint. Buds are sticky when broken up and look stellar. Never find they burn quite as clean as say simply bare though. No resin ring on the zig zag ultra thins. Won't be a rebuy for me.

  10. Paid $30 @ the local b&m for 7g preground. This stuffs insane, I think it's the best preground on the market atm. Hits like a true 26%thc flower would. Nice kushy flavor, I regret not getting 3 of these haha! Hope we keep selling this at my work, this stuffs amazing.

  11. This one is a hidden gem. I was expecting typical terrible canaca product. Was very surprised when it burned to a really nice white ash and actually had some flavour. Haven't had it in a few weeks cause I can't find it anymore, definitely worth a try if you're looking for a milled option.

  12. Only had the release batch too. Which I would say leaned more hashy. I only really dislike 3 flavour profiles super earthy, grass, and flowery. The initial batch wasn't any of those, which is why I bought several packs.

  13. Depends on the location, some will be open. I'd definitely be calling ahead to confirm hours today though.

  14. Stay away! It's horrible, mainly because it was full of stems. The actual pot smoked okay, but sifting through all the stems everytime I went to roll one was super annoying.

  15. It's burns fine. Wasn't quite as clean as their ICC. I'll rebuy it though. Still one of the better kushier smokes at this price point.

  16. Any comment on ash/burn from joint smokers?

  17. I agree. The high was alright, and does it’s job as an indica, but at this rate, I expect more.

  18. Interesting wonder if this is a recent acquisition from bzam. Dunn Cannabis was putting out some high quality flower last year, but I don't think Bzam had any involvement at that point. Sucks to see another smaller brand getting gobbled up and quality immediately going to shit.

  19. Yep I was very surprised, but that's what it was. Absolutely no reason to post this if it didn't occur. They compensated with a 50$ visa gift card. No back and forth, but also no real apology.

  20. To me that felt more like a refund to get back to the price I paid for the missing product. But it's a big LP so guess this is what they've established as compensation for these occurrences. LOT: 21PIE46 Pack Date: Dec. 20th 2021

  21. Tried this within 2 weeks of pack date and it was one of my favourite ocs smokes. Tough to stand out at this price point though, don't know how well this is moving at b&m's. They really know how to grow and cure cannabis, tried 3 strains from them and they were all solid! Hopefully they have a new offering in Ontario soon.

  22. I found the pink lacking in potency and showed up dry for being a brand new drop. Their other offering organic pure cake skunk is also fire but only available on medical and BC.

  23. Yeah the pink wasn't amazing, I try not to comment on potency since everyone's tolerance and receptors are so different. It's definitely disappointing though when a product shows up as "new" in Ontario, even though the same lot has been available on the west coast for months.

  24. Lmao the only thing of any value stolen were the Carmel pre rolls.

  25. At least it was canna cabana lol. For real though... who are they planning on selling those products too? Seems like a lot of work.

  26. Not the best effort from CC, it's a 5/10 for me. Small buds, meh smoking quality, and of course the always poorly done trim job.

  27. Yeah mine burned like crap too. Can't believe Color's fall from grace sometimes.

  28. The sorbetto (feb batch) has a sweet and creamy nose on it, will be a rebuy. The ghost drops FCF has a real gassy nose(just avoid the 26.6% batch), z splittler is nice if you like fruity flavours.

  29. Learned to roll with Zig Zag blues, used a few packs of whites and then moved on to ultra-thins. Pretty good papers for learning to roll (blues), but they are a bit thick.

  30. Zigzag ultra thins. Coolest looking packaging too.

  31. Is that the silver/orange rice papers ? If so I will se them too. I’m not a huge Raw lover . I’ll take Rizla’s over Raw

  32. Yep that's them, with that kinda holographic background!

  33. What's the lot #, pack date, and terp content on this one? Sorry for all the specifics, just trying to figure out who grew this batch.

  34. To be fair, that was Ottawa Police. The Toronto Police (Also Ontario) cleaned up the trash as soon as it spilled.

  35. OPP is doing this too. It gets into much bigger issues of pretextual stops which are still be conducted all over ontario. Had all cannabis legally stored in the trunk, still searched my car and had me at the side of the road for 3 hours multiple officers the usual. Left with 3 tickets that took over 1.5 years and 3 separate call in hearings to eventually all be dismissed. The system is working exactly as intended, everybody is eating. POC just feel the force of it more than others. That's why when Ford said he was giving police additional powers to randomly stop people at the beginning of the pandemic I was ROTFL, they already have these exact powers.

  36. Yeah exactly, I just wanted to make sure as I for some reason didn't recall this strain being so purple and dark!

  37. I'm assuming it's an older batch. Or do they have a new lot out yet? This was pretty flavorful when I had it last summer, bought it a few times.

  38. Simply bare is fairly expensive but I haven’t had a bad smoke from them

  39. Smoking on the 3.5g 24% batch of gelato cake currently, packaged dec. 23rd. Smokes a little better than the RC imo, nice white ash and super slow burn. Classic small simply bare buds, the RC buds will be bigger since they're only released in the 7g format. Can't go wrong with the RC either, I will be rebuying both.

  40. Don't like commenting on high's since it hits everyone differently. They're both quality cannabis, for my personal receptors the SB organic strains provide fuller effects.

  41. It definitely looks way better than it smokes.

  42. Yeah this grower shouldn't have released this batch, completely different than the 29% lot I had first. Guess that's the issue when trying to source for scale. The hay smell and airy buds on this lot was such a disappointment.

  43. Has a lot of peppery and minty scents when being smoked! Very smooth in the blunt too!!

  44. Hope it was better than that dunk contest lol. What type of blunts do you twist?

  45. The last of the potluck series. This one is honestly pretty nice. Gonna have to rank bannna cream at the bottom in terms of hydration because this is the second best out of them all below the cherry one. This strain smells like Gages Orange CKS, very citrusy and orangey. This ground up extremely fluffy and has very big calyxs. Smokes smooth and has a nice taste. Definitely would pick this up again and I would totally suggest this as a budget buy like shred.

  46. Didn't like this on at all. Gave me flash backs to early legalization. Dry, tasteless, and buds are really rough. Went out frequently in a J. Maybe try the Canaca Indica 24, it's like 20$ for 7gs, has some flavour and burns consistently. It's probably one of the hidden gems of this drop.

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