1. Awesome build! Not a big fan of all white rigs but that's kinda changing looking at your build. All specs & total cost pls, if you don't mind & got the time.

  2. Me neither not happy of white. For one it's so bright. Other thing is if it's dirty it's very noticible while black hard to see stain unless it's day light. Event hen black hids much better stain during day time. I'm no clean freak but it will irritate me if there a stain on a white case lol. I'm a dark knight type of guy so. LOL

  3. Damn I can use this to put in a cat trap to trap my cat i cant grab. My cat hate me lol. I want to trap her and throw her out side and get run over.

  4. I'm going to go talk to them tomorrow. They claimed they got all my stuff (I was locked out before the sold it and never had the chance to get all my things) and claimed the pile they showed me in storage was all of it and stuff was clearly missing... so either they left it, or they have another stash of my stuff somewhere.

  5. Hmm, that would actually be pretty easy to build. What do you think? Seems like a fun project!


  7. Got it. Yeah, that's a bit different than a random case with a volume nob.

  8. It's a one of a kind. Even have the IR for the remote is on the case. And it say Blaster Pc By empac. Empac also have 386 that they sold and other computer. But also the motherboard painted so beautiful and it say Blaster Pc stamp on the board with a Blaster Live sticker on the sound chip. You really have to actually have it and build one. It was a legendary the Blaster Live built into a motherboard. It was a great barebone. Someone should make this system almost exactly as is. In those time I had a car accident. Actually i was so young and stupid my car caught on fire. Leakage off valve cover. So oil caught on fire. I took out my dog and forgot my pc was in it. So that why I lost it. That blaster pc i recently installed a new motherboard, ram, and cpu. It had a Amd Slot A cpu. I replace everything because was darn hard to find Slot 1 cpu. Was already being extinct. Stupid me I gave the old m003 motherboard that came in blaster pc to my brother. Ugh. What a great time it was.

  9. Stick a empty collapsed tote under each your tires for traction. And rock that bitch. Drive- Reverse-Drive-Reverse…get momentum and then gtfo of the meadow! Amazon can’t fire you for that. Your DSP gets that call. Ask them their policy

  10. This is true even logs and such under the tire even boards.

  11. I had 50 stops left, apartments. Left all in Lobby. 🤭

  12. It’s a Dell so you know the mobo and cooling and psu are going to be crap. But for $750 the cpu, gpu and ssd are solid enough to relocate them to a new home. My experience with ddr5 ram in dell machines is that it’s always the lowest possible speeds most likely 4800. I would say overall for the price a good deal.

  13. I wouldn't say they are crap. Dell is used in most business. They are reliable. And cooling is enough to get through everyday task. Power supply isn't that bad. Love their servers and power supply in server. I fix hundreds of dell system. None of them had power supply issue.

  14. Just spend $150-$170 after your warranty is up and buy a new case, the warranty is probably 1yr. Don't take that warranty for granted.

  15. Neh the motherboard isn't standard. And plus it's better building a system. Some power supply have 10 years of warranty, motherboard 3 years warranty depend manufacture and model. Lot of computer parts are heck lot of warranty. Prebuild lack warranty. Prebuild sucks. :)

  16. Plex why? Plex still have transmission between plex system to plex company. In other words. Like Windows calls back to Windows server telemetry info. Freenas is way to go and now there is freenas alternative. Plex knowing what media you have what is boot leg. Okay i say no to plex.

  17. Rope with a SMALL weight to throw over it and shake the tree. You will need the help of someone else to catch it

  18. It's the truth. Everybody want to go between branches on tight gaps lot of obstacle and many more. Ever heard of AMA? And AMA clubs? Look it up :) Now there is clubs to join made for fpv too!!

  19. As a customer I blame dsp being lazy let put them to work at the field in hot heat. I did that lot of years picking up melon from floor throwing at the machine every second lol.

  20. I had a 4th floor apartment order like 3 bags of dog food and 2 waters, I was fed up that day, left it by their mailboxes at the bottom lmfao

  21. Would u like if that happen to you? Oh well..... Gotta have this type of shit. No wonder I don't get my package all the time. I order stuff all the time on label straight say throw it at porch instead they put it next to my door. In few min later it's either stollen from door or Amazon just being lazy. If it wasn't for us DSP wouldn't be paying delivery. Delivery cry about everything. Come work at a chicken plant with me. Leg start hurting after few hours. Imagin doing 16 hours. Ha Alaska seafood processing is 18 hours no day off for first few weeks. Woah.

  22. By the sounds of it they want to put it a 5000 CPU into his mother board but needs a CPU to do it because they don't have a flash BIOS button on the mother board so I would go with them or get them to bring their systems to you update the BIOS and make 35 for doing it

  23. Bro give him this. Amd will loan him a cpu. Oh nvm problem solved.

  24. Amd offer Short Term Processor Loan Boot Kit

  25. forcing someone to buy something they don't need just because they technically have enough cash to "afford" it is still BAD advice.

  26. It's good advice. Why? Software is high quality. Stable. Fast and even if he not going to take advantage he probably would later. They are not expensive. Nvidia have the lower end of Shield. Anyway's I been testing Chrome cast the new one that have Android Tv. Good device for iptv.

  27. Maybe if you spoke English, I could understand what you’re trying to say.

  28. I don't even deliver for Amazon. And logical thinking. This happen. Why weren't you expecting? Faster you deliver. The more eager Amazon want you to rescure. Just do you're full hours don't do it fast. Just finish by end of shift. They will put more on you're plate the faster you deliver. It's logical I would do that if I was boss. If I see you finish sooner I'll put some more package on you're plate. So it balance out and make me look good. Business is business.

  29. I have a coworker who has the exact work ethic problem. No one likes him n he is a real dumbass

  30. So hate person who are a dumbass? Wow no wonder this world sucks. People hate dumbass instead they love ass holes. LOL. It's like hating a retard but not person with bad attitude or that is ass hole. I never hate someone due to their disability. That's the most evil it can get. I think we should put more time helping other who need the help and not help the person who are simply lazy. I rather be lovely to someone who is disable then someone who is lazy.

  31. Who the hell said the person was disabled? Because he called them dumbass? It's a vernacular berating them...catch a clue before you play the bleeding heart card...

  32. How am I starting shit? Dumb ass is someone who is dumb. Low IQ. You can flip me off and stuff. I'm just saying. Low IQ need our help. We don't just ignore that person because low IQ. You got anger problem. Go join a church to humble you're self up. Go volunteer food bank and help the poor. Give back the community. Instead stepping all over them. Everyone need a helping hand except those who are lazy. And why you making you're self look like a ass hole? Is that what you like to do. If so maybe you're dumb ass definition that you think it is is you. I can tell you are miserably and if you having a bad day you make other people miserably. I doubt you have any real friend with that attitude. They probably use you manipulate you acting their you're friend but instead they probably hate you. Due to this exact attitude. Of not give a fuck and think you bad ass MF. I hate these kind of people. We probably have kids reading all this yet we have idiots caca roaches.

  33. Some of the things are really heavy and awkward to move. It is a very physically demanding job. More than most people think. And if driving all day, having to look left and right and lifting heavy things will be an issue, I'd look for a different job. They won't accommodate your route. They do have an expectation on when you need to complete your route by and that's usually before your 10 hour shift is up. If you need other people to constantly pick up parts of your route or to be rescued constantly, that sucks for your coworkers. I'd really consider looking for something else.

  34. Bro but I doubt this is like working at Foster Farm. We work our ass off. Simular to working 18 hours every day for straight two months No day off at alaska. Caring 60 pound cage coming out from belt with crap lifting it carring it 20-30 feet to put to boiler. LOL Problem is most people are lazy. So this was at Alaska but a seafood company. We get to sleep 3 hours. Now foster farm is hard work also. General labor but a processing meat plant is way different because it's constent moving lifting. But it depend on people. Many aren't meant to do processing of meat and needing to deal with chemical and wetness slipery. And have to deal with people that are stupid. LOL Now Since I'm disable on my neck would love something a bit on ease. Constent repeating straight hours until break and lunch heavy lifting 50-60 pounds no rest between i cant do that anymore like I use to.

  35. I have no idea what kind of worker you are so I can't speak to what you can handle. If you think you can do it and your neck injury won't get in the way or will rarely get in the way then by all means try it and see how it goes. All I'm saying is I wouldn't count on them being flexible or providing accommodations. However, I recently broke my ankle on route and they were very accommodating and understanding. They still have been paying my full salary instead of going through the workers comp that only pays 60% of my salary. I'll see how it goes when I am able to go back. They said I could help with dispatch before I'm able to drive and do the route. I'm curious to see how they ease me back into delivering. I hope they will start me with nursery routes first. I've been grateful for my DSP through my injury but I'm unsure how accommodating they would be if it was a continuous issue

  36. Is it ok you give me the name of ur dsp? We have couple here. What state you at how much you get paid?

  37. i don't know what it is but i can tell you its obsolete by several generations. i would highly consider finding something else to do cause the only result you can get is putting in a lot of work to get something that flies very poorly in comparison to anything you can get today.

  38. I think that bull shit. I had a very nice quad with kk board. Flew fantastic and was built 12 15 years ago. LOL

  39. if a quad is up and running thats one thing, you can just go fly it and that's cool, it's fixing up a dinosaur that is the problem. I've seen people picking out new components solely for the compatibility with old gear and that to me, is a waste of money. if a quad needed literally 1 component to get into the air thats one thing but any more than that i wouldn't bother. I'm sure your old quad was great to you and you can personally appreciate it. i still don't reccomend anyone to revive a dinosaur.

  40. Brushless haven't change when it comes to compatibility. And also speed controller. Flight controller he have will work current esc and motor. Wow bro are you the new generation noob?

  41. fat Fpv punkin lol put a fake fpv goggles over eyes lol

  42. I have very small hands, tx16s would not be comfortable for me to hold. The zorro is more than enough for what I’m doing and if I feel the need to upgrade I would just get AG01 mini gimbals for the zorro, or get an external module. And 70 more dollars is more than I’m willing to spend for a marginally better radio.

  43. Oh that make sense. I have big hands and been using full size radio since the 1990's. I don't limit on one type of aircraft. I fly helis and planes. And starting to do fpv. I don't just do fpv and wont single out planes heli for fpv. Fpv isn't everything. In fact fpv is reason we are being force remote ID. If people don't respect fcc rules eventually we will loose our hobby. Many is already leaving RC because of people flying to high to far out of sight. And plus carriers for shipping will start using drones. So be aweful our aircraft to hit one of those amazon drone that is shipping someone package lol.

  44. Dumb fucks with mavics is why we get more and more restrictions every year, not fpv pilots.

  45. Very late response. But remove cap lol. Twise the lens. My camera came with this vtx. Needed to rotate the lens until it focus the best. The lens thread have a like a nut. So you adjust the nut and rotate the lens to a specific way that it's focus then rotate that nut until it's super tight so it doesn't rotate due to vibration.

  46. so what happens when you make a small sub-250g gas motorglider or flying wing

  47. I love messy. We go out and fly. End of day we clean our planes with windex lol. To me Clubs gas and nitro. Local park electric. Make sense. Now edf jets in club is fantastic because their hella loud now new edf jets with many extra blades sound like Turbine.

  48. I ordered the tx16s 4-1 from amazon with the carbon fiber plate. My goal is to play around with my tinyhawk until I decide if I want to upgrade or just be happy with it. I do want to get into long range fpv with planes, I live near the ocean so I think it would be awesome to fly along the coast.

  49. You mean to decide to upgrade to another transmitter? Well anything better would cost you over 1000 2000 dollars. Even then those aint open source firmware. A person cant go out of the tx16s mk2. No way! Who need more ch? Programing is limitiness. There no limit. Only way to out grown it is either you super man need much more ch. Now there is so much you can do to improving. Shape of radio internal is greating is great. To improve is up to person. Improving can be more for looks and feel. They sell those cnc parts for it and cnc hall gimble. But it's cosmatic. I come from Futaba family. I see Tx16s Mk2 as something a 3k Futaba would cost. And still do less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Futaba is used many Turbine community. Also Frsky Rf and receiver is used on Turbine. Radio really not matter. Spektrum is just a joke. Luckily 4-1 radios can bind on all brand like Eflite and Horizon to bind to those model. My goal is keep on flying on my 10k turbine jet with my Radio Master Tx16s Mark 2. :) What I don't trust is Expresslrs. That because new technology and my aircraft isn't only for cheap under 1000 dollar drones but above 10k aircraft.

  50. Yea remove prop bro. I once had helicopter go crazy and hit my neighbor van. Imagin I hit someone? Another thing if no burn chips yet u have issue. Is due to bad solder not doing good contact. So what you do? Bake it!!! That solves ur problem.

  51. Can you use elrs for helis? I have a tx16 s for fpv drones and want to get into helis and now thinking of returning this one and getting a 4-1 with a elrs module

  52. Get a IrangeX plus 4-1. And go for Frsky X8r receiver. I would not recommend using elrs. There are no receiver over 6 ch unless you build them. Technology is to new. But it's time to be guinepig test them out. Give back feed back. So anyways need higher ch yes possible get a crsf elrs and solder to a pwm converter as is but elrs need to be matching of firmware with same firmware of the module of the radio.

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