1. You in alberta? We've had crazy forest fires all spring across the province!

  2. We are in Halifax .. don’t know if our house is still there. These have been some of the most difficult days that I can remember.

  3. Great job. Have u made defoliation ?

  4. If u upgrade, I highly recommend AC Infinity tents — excellent materials at similar price to others

  5. Mixed up some Jungle Cake with homegrown All Gas OG and decarboxylated flower rosin

  6. Turn off the system for a day, I bet you find that tray empty. Then just turn it back on once you know that it's working.

  7. Thanks! I have closed valve for this specific tray , will watch it for 24hrs and see what happens 😎

  8. Looks good. Wish I had that grow space. I'm in a 2x3x6, and I use one 12.9 gal reservoir to feed two 3.9 gal autopots.

  9. I just looked your setup, looks great! Those plants look really really good !

  10. Sporting the grow daddy stickers nice one he cracks me up on YouTube, come onnnnnnn😂

  11. I just looked up the YouTube Grow Daddy - looks like a solid content creator, I will watch some of his videos today!

  12. Grown in 4x4 grow tent under a 650w led light. These plants were grown using Autopots. Used general hydroponics 6-part flora nutrients.

  13. Haters gonna say purple weed ain’t good , you grew that. Enjoy your reward now. Looks very pretty.

  14. dishwashing tabs and warm water - I leave my glass in the soap solution for a few hrs and it rinses clean. I posted GIF a few days ago of my glass bong cleaning 😎

  15. I dump it and rinse it after every use. When the resin builds up after a while i have Randy's Black Label glass cleaner. Basically iso and salt. Because i always rinse it, i don't need to clean it too often. Dirty bong water doesn't do anything except make your weed taste bad.

  16. wise approach, I should get back into the habit of dumping and rinsing daily 😎

  17. They work amazingly if their the one with liquid, used to use it and hot water all the time!

  18. These are just Costco brand powder tabs, I’ll try the liquid ones next!

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