1. This is part of a coordinated options push, happens around here, Twotter, and corporate media cyclically.

  2. sorry but this thesis does not hold water. pushing tinfoil and hopium, sure. but pushing options? he tweeted this on a saturday. can’t buy options on the weekend.

  3. Decent cliff notes. Not a lot of meat on the bone though.

  4. that guy is an absolute scumbag. distributed pictures of RCs house, his wife, his brother, called a hospital pretending to be RC, lots and lots of bullshit pumping and lies

  5. probably you, either do a ‘change of responsibility’ or just close the account if they wont take responsibility or port out to another carrier

  6. Do you know if you got the insider code with a year next to it or the original one? I just heard that there are actually at least 2 versions of the insider code. The OG one not having a year next to it when you look on your promotions page online

  7. Okay. Good to know. I wonder what folks got that version and If it’s possible to ask for that version in my situation.

  8. you wont be able to get it but you will save just from dropping taxes

  9. yeah I had the whole map revealed and ~80 shrines complete before I finished a 2nd temple. it's way too easy to get sidetracked in this game.

  10. the jailbreaks are given to smokemonster to release, not actually made by him, confirmed on his twitter - hopefully we see them soon! i think we will.

  11. Just buy a MISTER FFS. This company can kiss my ass. The wait times, the shipping, the lack of support, the hilariously small product batch sizes.. it smacks of pretentious bullshit. Mirror masturbaters , all of them.

  12. No and you know it doesn’t. It does play every single ‘retro’ console though and you don’t have to wait a year to receive it. Look, I get it, I know that being able to play OG carts ect is cool. I’m a collector myself but if I want to play OG carts ect I use OG hardware. Otherwise it’s a MISTER. Analogue is just far too cunty a company to earn my dollar.

  13. OG hardware is much more expensive to get with good picture quality and recapped etc. If its not for you, great, but the value is there for someone with actual games to play - which a mister can not do, so is a worthless suggestion for the use case. you sound like one of those ‘durr durr get a raspberry pi’ guys. why are you even on this sub if you hate the company?

  14. On the first one, as I recall, that was specifically in regards to it's impact on economic growth. And he wasn't totally wrong on that. It obviously had a huge impact on society in general but GDP growth hasn't really been anything special in the last quarter century - at least not in the US. With that said, the fax machine probably didn't move the needle much on economic growth either. But as I recall that quote was part of some article in the late 90s where he was dismissing the people thought the internet was going to be some paradigm shift for economic growth.

  15. 5G doesn’t change a thing. Not noticeable change in day to day live browsing and doing what so ever.

  16. Agreed about 5G, but A11 -> A15 chip is a pretty big jump

  17. Where can I read more about the timing of CS bi-monthly orders being filled?

  18. Many got bodied by RC, not Towel.

  19. nah, if you followed him in, why didn’t you follow him out?

  20. In my experience in the past, adding lines to older grandfathered plans is not effected by newer plans being offered up. I see no reason to rush to add a line

  21. Adding lines 2-8 or 10-12 on a grandfathered plan is not complicated because you stay on your current SOC. Adding the 9th line specifically (which is what brings savings if you have enough free lines) does require an SOC change (the one you stay on for lines 9-12) which is different from the 2-8 line plan. So that’s considered a plan change and generally automatically makes you choose from a current plan, and you’d have to work with a rep to move to the 9 line version of your grandfathered plan, which they can deny.

  22. If they ever do any more updates, my guess is that they would be compatibility updates, not new features.

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