1. Alleen maar goed om vroeg te beginnen kijk wat voor jou het beste werkt. Goed bezig in welke sector werk je voor hr?

  2. Die vrouw spreekt jou terecht aan. Jij ervaart een moment opnamen van het jongetje. Jij weet niet of het kind een onderliggend problematiek heeft en überhaupt wel begrijpt wat je hem vertelt. Het kind kan jou toon het zelfde ervaren als het geklop voor die vissen. Verder zou niemand het leuk vinden als een volwassen persoon iemand anders zijn kind aan spreekt .

  3. I know .. I kust meen what is the pivot ? Where does the gouvernent changes is point of view

  4. you having doubts does not mean that Islam is wrong. you did not get the correct answers or you did not understand it correctly . Islam is perfect and Allah knows best.

  5. Put your self togehther Bro . Nobody has time for this BS .. your a man not a child . We al have problems

  6. why assume it has to get better? you really asked that?, just come out and say, you agree with the violence to lgbtq or condone it ... is it ok to assult people because who they are?

  7. I do not support violence in general but I do not see the link between the mosque and violence? why don't you distance yourself from racism?

  8. in lbgtqi .. is ok .. you`re really showing your true colours, rather than having the guts to say , yes its wrong .. or

  9. so what you are trying is the same as that scribble. forcing people to accept your opinion. no I have my opinion and I will give you space for your opinion. but why is the mosque forced to make a statement that they have nothing to do with in the first place

  10. We know nothing you’re asking strangers on the internet. All the billionaires sold out. Just you and I left hold the fat ass L. Welcome to poverty

  11. Nope still buying my friends. The Will never Go to war with China ..

  12. it's a shame if you attract all new content developers to your app, but you cant hold the viewers on the app

  13. to be honest the app is not good enough to compete with yt yet.

  14. Keyword 'rumor' .Why post nonsense here? None of the official sources or top media confirm this.

  15. Does anybody have a good link to follow there trades.

  16. Why can't we sell our shares for the next to weeks ?? Don't no much yet

  17. Dont think u shld wait for politics, instead, u shld wait for biz catalysts. End 2022, baba will switch to hk connect with potential 30bil inflow of funds from mainland

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