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  1. I don't know... I don't find veins that reliable because they are in your hands and you need these tools to make your face look good. I'd say--check if the skin on your face blends with gold jewelry better or silver.

  2. Why have you stopped using it? Did you receive any side effects?

  3. I liked rosehip oil better and it lowkey increased my closed comedones. Now this differs from person to person--it doesn't mean the oil is comedogenic. It is graded 2 (mildly comedogenic), my skin personally gets clogged very easily.

  4. Ok. Black seed oil increased your closed comedones? Now thats interesting 😮. Looks like I should stick to formulated moisturizers with oils instead of using straight up oils.

  5. It's up to you. I have super dry skin and finding the oil that worked for me to layer upon my moisturiser helps keep it moisturised.

  6. The issue is that I feel about the same empathy for members of species that have not evolved moral agency as I feel for members of species that have not evolved sentience. Maybe a little more, but nothing near what I feel for members of species whom have evolved moral agency.

  7. The animals you are hurting while being a carnist are sentient. They have emotions. They have ambitions and feelings. They have personalities and awareness.

  8. As I said, species whom have moral agency. If one chimp proved to have moral agency I would extend moral agency to all chimps.

  9. What is your definition of moral agency and why is it a requirement for you to not commodify them? Why are their emotions null to you? They want to have their kids. They want to have their bodily autonomy.

  10. i love the axisy gel mask, got the mini from beauty barn since i use it very occasionally, but it makes my skin plump and bouncy and when it’s irritated from things like threading and waxing this mask calms it down

  11. Oooh thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely look into it. I don't know why I forgot about Axis-Y

  12. Ooh then I'll probably buy the mugwort mask. I really love the ingredients--I just had an issue with the leaves. Thanks!

  13. Hii, I personally get whole wheat gluten and mix it with water or a water based slurry full of spices and ground beetroot (for colour that makes it look scary haha). You don't need to keep rinsing it like you need to do with all purpose flour since it is 100% gluten. This method gives you a lot of creative liberty. I use Mary's Test Kitchen for inspiration on what to do with it.

  14. Wt vegetarians consume for protein? Are you guys consuming any protein powders?

  15. Tofu and other soy based products like yogurt (can be made like dahi), soy milk, silken tofu, soya chunks, beans, combining cereals and pulses, chickpeas, peanut butter, seitan-- yep we don't need to hurt animals for protein.

  16. Yes there are stabilisers, I agree--but there are not enough studies to prove that means it is totally resistant to degradation. Photstability doesn't mean it is completely resistant to uv damage. It means it would be affected more badly by clumping than degradation in most scenarios--but really, there have not been many studies performed yet.

  17. Do a patch test and see... also wipe it down with an antiseptic wipe... but idk... but it hurts because it's bobbi brown ;_;

  18. Honestly, moisturisers are not enough. Try a facial oil after using your moisturiser. And maybe your pillow covers are really drying your skin out... try a satin one? You don't need to buy one. If you have spare satin material just place it on your pillow under your face.

  19. I didn't watch the video but I hate how people are fixated on the toxicity of cosmetic products while ignoring the heinous processes of child labour and unpaid labour that goes into producing makeup. There is no conversation about that at all. About the consumerism and how its contributing to our waste pollution problem. How packaging needs to become sustainable.

  20. clean is such bullshit because it will come packaged in plastic or something that would pollute and add waste. It will mica derived from unethical labour. It can also include animal testing and animal based or animal derived products and still be called clean... ugh.

  21. Review on reequil hair care range?. I wanted try those for really long time.

  22. I love qurez sunscreen so much even when it wasn't my shade i constantly use it,but i really wish it come in more shade as it dull my skin .

  23. Aww I'll email the brand asking for it because damn I want others to be able to enjoy it the way I do.

  24. Querez tinted is an underrated sunscreen. Not only does it have PA++++ rating, its critical wavelength is 382nm (highest I've seen in Indian susncreens, this translates to more protection from long UVA rays) and it has 5 boots star rating(almost equal UVA and UVB absorption, again only Indian sunscreen with this). And it's dirt cheap during B1G1 sales.

  25. I have enjoyed the Re'equil tinted sunscreen (have not tried the blue one) and the Qurez Hybrid Tinted Sunscreen. Both are great. But the qurez one matches my shade and has a very natural glowy finish with a matte feel and I don't need to oil cleanse to remove it.

  26. Yes this.... Recently bought the qurez sunscreen on her recommendation.... It's working really good

  27. Dude I just applied my sunscreen and I swear to god, i really love the qurez sunscreen too. I use the tinted one. God I feel like a fanatic--every day I somehow mention this sunscreen on this subreddit.

  28. It happens when you're young and immature. Especially in siblings. Not a big deal IMO. Talking with experience as we were same but now we never behave like that.

  29. Yes kids lack empathy and do not understand the consequences of their actions but it doesn't make it okay... we need to educate them on it till they learn, not undermine it. And violent behaviours are often excused when it's men/boys doing it because it's in their testosterone/s.

  30. He was a BRAT in his early teens.

  31. I usually wear sunscreen everyday after brushing my teeth so that in case I go out all of a sudden, I won't have to worry about delaying myself because I wanted to put sunscreen.

  32. I was very tempted to try this one and the dermaCo hyaluronic acid one. Thankfully checked this sub before buying it.

  33. I personally do tan indoors and develop irritation so yeah... indoor sunscreen matters to some of us who have sensitive skin.

  34. Using a facial oil to control transepidermal water loss but realising I have dehydrated skin helped a lot so now I'm a whore for topical hydration. Adding more hydration was the game changer and adding a good non-comedogenic facial oil helped too. But the latter won't work without the former.

  35. It's just oil so really any that won't break you out, it can even be cold pressed safflower oil. I use Suganda's rosehip oil to be fancy.

  36. Just curious, how bad will it be if you apply oxidised vit c serum on your face?

  37. It does penetrate faster so there are suspicions of sensitisation but I didn't find any sources to back it up. I think it would just be useless?

  38. An excuse to massacre? You’re just suggesting we get someone else to do the murdering so that you don’t have to think about the moral implications.

  39. I think deer would prefer to not have someone who doesn't belong to their species decide what it wants. And let's not pretend that we care for the deer's wellbeing when we are looking for ways to rob their autonomy to life and brought them to this state of starvation by resource exhaustion in the first place. By stealing the land that they can live in, by taking away their natural predators and polluting their homes.

  40. You have little to no understanding of hunting or ecosystems.

  41. Do your pap smears and get gardasil 9 for those of you who have vaginas.

  42. I literally kicked his sorry ass for this. Not calm for my skincare. Never.

  43. It's not enough to buy another Clinique

  44. I held back from saying that because I didn't want to hurt her boyfriend but thank you for taking the plunge for us.

  45. Is colloidal oatmeal water, simply soaking oats in water and using it after removing oats, like rice water?

  46. No no. Colloidal oatmeal is finely ground whole oats (like oats with the bran). It is rich in beta glucan and has a few saponins too so its a very calming cleanser.

  47. I buy colloidal oatmeal from Blend It Raw Apothecary and The Art Connect.

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