1. So ableist that the sun can't turn itself down 😔 /j

  2. Advantage: a lot of my work stress is gone by the time I get home because I can pedal it out a bit.

  3. The added weight might actually be you gaining muscle

  4. One thing I’ve noticed is that cyclists are very kind and considerate to each other in traffic compared to people in their cars. There’s not really road rage on the bike lanes, in my city at least.

  5. The only instance of bike road rage I'm aware of was from a seemingly car brained guy on an ebike going way too fast on a bike lane who slammed into another cyclist and got mad at them for not signaling before changing lanes.

  6. Channers are a bunch of smooth brains, expect nothing else from them

  7. Ironmouse (vtuber) is Puerto Rican and sometimes speaks in Spanish

  8. It takes some time before you make your rice "the right way"*

  9. TS is literally Mastodon (but probably has federation disabled). You can keep accessing it from any app that lets you access the fediverse or TS directly

  10. What Place would be if 4chan never participated

  11. pretty much my therapist says me i need to know my body like 200%, also i need to know if being a girl isnt a weird kink of me :/

  12. False. I realized I was trans while I was a virgin.

  13. Too connected when the 4cham culture to wear safely, imo

  14. Me with reggaeton thanks to my little sibling

  15. Sorry homophobes. This is the real world. The nerd girl gets the bimbo! 😘 /positive

  16. I'm lost on who the guy is, and why he is important. Someone please provide me with credible information please?

  17. Anthony Padilla was part of Smosh way back in the day. After leaving, he focused on his own content.

  18. Seems like something to only install inside a VM.

  19. Testing software has VM detection stuff, so not a good idea.

  20. He's a schizo. I feel like actual terrorists and people getting chased by the government should worry that much about what messaging client they use

  21. Classic "women belong in the kitchen" "joke"

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