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  1. Keeps inching back lower…wut mean? 🧐 Could it just possibly be liquidity finally drying up so much that they cant spin anymore plates, and have to pull funds from rrp instead now?

  2. How can the agent supposed to Just assume that/judge book by cover? Ive seen ppl Come into heavy equipment showroom that literally looked like they hadnt showered in months and clothes/hair so ratty they looked like a hobo…and the guy bought a brand new huge 400k machine…in cash

  3. As someone that's finally dabbling in ng what'll happen in 3 months? Entered a small position in boil.

  4. Not sure man but that RSI level is heavy oversold… it will be interesting! I’m keeping an eye on it

  5. Lets. Fucking. Gooooooo 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  6. not buying this excuse. why is it always "a staffer" when the shit hits the fan? trillions of dollars of transactions should not rely on one staffer and one button.

  7. "The day after a major trading glitch at the New York Stock Exchange open, the NYSE has issued a statement on what happened: “The root cause was determined to be a manual error involving the Exchange’s Disaster Recovery configuration at system start of day.”

  8. When I was working at the large bank, the disaster recovery tests were pretty dicey.

  9. Who said anything about it being a test? 🧐 maybe we got a taste of the real thing for a split second

  10. I regret not buying more fall of 2020 and feel like the sneeze/buy button shut off fuckery was all a bad dream so long ago. Hurts thinking about it but here we are still hodling

  11. One time they wouldn't print a copy of my friend's kid because, "It looked professional and they didn't want to break any copyright laws."

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