My new Chicken(Erasers)

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  1. Erasers, eh, where did you get them?

  2. I got them off mercari Japan. These are a part of the Rement Pokemon series

  3. Is it okay if I snack on these πŸ₯Ή

  4. I thought these are actual chickens 😲

  5. I want to replace my entire pantry with this 😭

  6. Hi frandssssssss, alll the bessttttzz for ressulltzzz

  7. She called me after soo many days! Yeye

  8. It is fine if you don’t feel like talking right now

  9. I love those strawberry cheesecake ones!! One day I'll bite the bullet and buy them. ❀️🍰

  10. HahaπŸ™Š I'm a huge fan of those too! but it kills that Iwako Launches some color only once in a lifetime πŸ™ƒπŸ₯²

  11. God damn, well done! I love the composition!

  12. I thought i had all the iwako veggies but i guess i was wrong! Guess i know what to buy now

  13. These are sooo adorable!! I now realize I have two milk cartons (one with the cows in the field, and one with people’s faces), but I wish I had gotten a pink one, too.

  14. The white ones, except for the baby milk thingy, are still fairly available, The yogurt is the latest release.. The brown, pink and red ones are like really really old

  15. This is my collection, I'm kinda not planning to sell them(?)

  16. I love these!! Something about those square bottles is so satisfying to me. I’m not sure I ever got these because I was more focused on animal iwakos; I do have a milk carton one, though!

  17. I think you can still get some of the bottles- milk, grapes and the orange one at Daiso and Iwako USA .

  18. Those are so cool! I’ve never seen them before...and I need all of them, especially the asparagus.

  19. 😁😁😁 you can get them from the official Iwako global site I think

  20. I loveee food erasers as well😍😍😍 specially dream ones 😍

  21. Cute. I like these a lot. Did you get these off a whole lot sale or is this your collection?

  22. Ah no no.. This is a part of my iwako collection. I have close to like 500 more

  23. These are sooo cute! OMG you have dream erasers as well 😭

  24. You have so many!! Definitely more than I have. Very impressive.

  25. Holy moly! And here I thought I had the biggest collection, well in my region at least. Those are super lovely!

  26. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ collections are a forever growing things. Thanks I'm glad you liked them!

  27. I LOVE these! I have a few of the fruits and veggies, but nothing this extensive :)

  28. I love their intricate details way too much 😁😁 I'd love to your collection too

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