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  1. My only advice. Do every single side mission. Some of them are amazing

  2. some of the best sidequests i've ever played in my life

  3. a cena que mais me irrita acerca disto é que o meme que originou isto foi feito por um zuca que provavelmente só queria provocar... e esses gajos conseguem descer ainda mais de nível. Os comentários são um cancro.

  4. Today where i work we took a moment to talk about suicide prevention.

  5. I'm gonna suggest the Mass Effect trilogy. While it's a space opera, the writing, the branched story, the companions, the side quests and all feels that Fallout 3 got a bit of inspiration from Mass Effect 1. The all trilogy is awesome and most likely the best space themed game ever. Can't recommend it enough. There's a new remaster where they kinda fixed the ending.

  6. The time it took that guy to turn the cube into a sphere using a knife, all others already reached their destination. Twice.

  7. Yes, i came to really dislike the over produced sound of the black album for example.

  8. In the next universe I want to be an elusive squirrel.

  9. did a dog bite you? wanna talk about it? :D

  10. Nyoka is just annoying, SAM is pretty much pointless and Felix is only useful if you need lockpicking.

  11. É um meme de merda, mas o op é zuca, portanto na volta queria era provocar. Isso não justifica a nojeira dos comentários no

  12. I’d have a crashed rocket ship on a random planet with dead ghouls around it, calling back to that mission in New Vegas where you can launch them to space!

  13. I asked for this one on a similar topic here. Imagine finding the Come Fly With Me ghouls on a random planet eheh

  14. Trabalho numa empresa que tem muito jovens na casa do vintes e fico abismado com a quantidade que diz da forma mais casual que já contemplou o suícidio. Principalmente gajos.

  15. Vai ter um merecido descanso e o Draxler vai poder mostrar o que vale. ;)

  16. Functional automobiles. They can bring Liberty Prime back online but not one person can figure out cars?

  17. i really don't want Fallout to turn into Rage

  18. Their most listened to song on spotify, that says a lot. Not my fav song from the album, but it's pretty great.

  19. Penálti mais claro que o penálti marcado.

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