1. In my case first time I got verified, my name was reversed.

  2. You can also try hesuvi, if your soundcard is read as 5.1 / 7.1 in windows you can use it for almost no latency.

  3. You become one of the 常連さん in that cafe now!

  4. I can try to slot mine to my iphone's backbone one later after I get back home.

  5. Some of the driver likes to step on the brake late, making it really uncomfortable when driving through city.

  6. Have mini13 and Zenfone 9 right now.

  7. apple dongle should be fine, another option is from jcally for affordable adapters

  8. had a similar problem before, just go to the bank and ask for change settings to resident.

  9. AFAIK only warranty and OTA lost. You still can update manually by downloading the zip though.

  10. I just cut my meal and snacks budget into half, then fullblast aircon.

  11. Surely you’re not talking about the McDonald’s app? It’s well designed and easy to understand. You can use PayPay or Apple Pay to checkout too. I never stand in line, only plebs do. Plus you save money with coupons

  12. yeah, the app is simply one of my best experience in mobile order, not sure how it is poorly designed

  13. It's not spicy, maybe you can try to find the geprek version for decent spiciness

  14. Your XM5 is almost 100% going to be the audio quality bottleneck unless you're listening to YouTube content at 240p. Just pair it with any decently modern Android device to make sure you can actually use LDAC and don't worry too much.

  15. any particular reason for poweramp rather than wavelet? just curious

  16. I mainly recommend it because I use it and it works. But as far as I'm aware, Wavelet doesn't actually let you input parametric EQ values directly without messing with file imports. There's just a graphic equalizer and an AutoEQ mode.

  17. Truthear zero / hexa (if you can push budget a bit more) might be way to go.

  18. Been dressing like this when going out to buy something, totally regretted it last night...

  19. You can use it for free, the main feature of wavelet itself is free.

  20. Most of the time while taking walk outside or working. When reading I just play some instrumental track.

  21. Better camera spec usually won't really reflect to end result of image quality, except you always shoot things raw. Looking at image comparison or taking blind test is good starting point to tell which camera you prefer.

  22. I wear my futon's blanket at home and turn into cocoon

  23. Coin laundry have some giant dryer where you can put futon in.

  24. maybe try disable other codec except SBC and LDAC for your TWS, might have the options in app.

  25. your receiver has to support it too and probably will appear under the headphone menu itself under the Bluetooth menu, like when toggling aptx / ldac.

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