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  1. Yeah. I've worked for Norfolk Southern for almost 20 years. Thanks for the info.

  2. The spin machine been working hard painting Biden:democrats as rejecting 7 sick days

  3. You do realize that is a direct quote from the President of the United States, right? As far as I'm concerned, both parties and the commander in chief are pathetic. None of them will ever get my vote again.

  4. Yes he was talking about the bill to give rail workers 7 sick days, that’s the bill in Congress he’s talking about

  5. No you don't understand! If you are sick you have to use your PTO for your sick days. For fuck sake

  6. And the strike was about sick days not pto

  7. So instead of forcing businessmen to pay their fair share instead thousands of railroad workers become forced laborers no better than in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  8. Yeah how the hell can Joe Brandon want to give those lazy workers 7 fucking days sick leave! And every democrat except 1 was in support of it 🤮. Thank god every Republican but 3 stood up to reject this snowflake libral beta male game! Red wave! 🇱🇷

  9. Free the railway workers. (Something like that). No sick leave is totally unacceptable (1 day does NOT count ).

  10. Good thing the democrats pushed a bill raising it to 7 and all but one approved it

  11. I think they were actually referring to Arisia Rrab. A young Green Lantern that artificially aged her body so she could date Hal. But she was still mentally a teenager.

  12. She also counts, but supergirl has the same problem

  13. Lol at all the people saying work-life balance. It's still paying $15-17 an hour/max $33k gross in the Miami area. They still need another job. It's popular because it's a consistent way to have two jobs that don't pay enough to survive at the same time.

  14. Their now shaking their head and calling us lazy and comparing how easy it is

  15. Any day I work, whether it be 5 hours or 12, I get home feeling like the entire day is over and not wanting to do household chores or socialize. So it makes perfect sense to me to limit the days that happens and work longer on the days where it already is guaranteed to happen. That way I can spend those other days actually living a life. It's great for mental health.

  16. Agreed. Before I started back up school I would often work 6 days, and I’d just spend the 7th day sleeping

  17. Makes me remember of the dudes who think women take their vital force and/or testosterone as if we where some kind of vampire or succubus lol

  18. I mean it would explain the Hetero Sapian movement

  19. Sadly this is a very base belief of misogyny. Watch “Dr Strangelove.” There’s a huge underlying theme about men and the Cold War being all about conservative machismo, not giving women your seed/power, choosing to act gay because women are evil, erectile dysfunction, etc. it’s such a great movie

  20. Acording to dr strange love and how I learned to love the bomb what is “acting gay”

  21. As you've probably noticed w/SCoTus n roe, states have more autonomy than ever nowadays.

  22. As bad as roe vs wade was it didn’t magically overturn every federal law on the books. Until such time that the rethuglican pass new laws that disband the department of labor labor laws are still valid

  23. Section 8(a)(1) of the Act makes it an unfair labor practice for an employer "to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in Section 7" of the Act. For example, you may not

  24. Also retaliation, like firing a guy becase he corrected a error and made you look bad is like a textbook example of retaliation which is illeagle. The hard part is often proving it…but musk keeps insisting they do it publically on Twitter

  25. The dirtbags are already inside though

  26. Sorry my fault. When I was coding the usa I accidentally dropped the o and didn’t notice. Since then other devs have thought the hello world protocol was intentionally supposed to be hell

  27. That’s what I do use all their talking points against them why playing the proude maga patriot

  28. Since when did these “Guys” go from no mask, it stops me breathing.. to I love my mask, my mum says it makes me more handsome?

  29. See that’s why if I ran into them I’d use their own arguments against them calling them libra sheep, cowards, etc

  30. “Devs” like I said it’s a book I’m writing

  31. This kinda already exists. Check out “1000 yen hero", the manga is basically OPM but the characters have belts and use money to henshin and the protagonist is really op.

  32. Also my book devs. The entire premise is what if we discovered rider tech but there were no monsters. How would various individuals cope with having the power of an army but only civilians to fight. When your punch can shatter a tank what threat is a guy with a ak 47. The main enemy in fact fir the first arc is another rider who stole one of the crews belt becase they were about to punch a hole in some bully

  33. That’s is indeed a collection of lightning

  34. Man imagine if Zelda was a girl

  35. It should've! Now it's not only boring, but you've got one person walking around with a shirt saying 'soul' (bragging he's got one? Indicating he likes the music genre?) and hers just says 'mate' (addressing people as a friend? Job description? Indecent proposition?)

  36. Yup i mentioned that elsewhere

  37. Even the I trded reading is kinda based, only men have souls women are just mates

  38. Slender man ass looking bitches, I ain’t gonna be tempted either

  39. Except it’s not white bread it’s sesame seed bread

  40. They are heathy. White bread might not be but I got a surprise for you

  41. Thick polycarbonate probably. That can easily stop a pistol round like 10mm. You need several cm to stop a rifle round though.

  42. Which it probably has given how big a power armor helmet is vs a human head

  43. Very fun to watch. Why does the bird "run and look" as opposed to "stand and look"?

  44. Birds acually have very limited short range Vision. Remember their primary hunting method is high up vs small targets. Being close is reserved for the final strike so it makes sense they would want to back up to get a better view of the field as their vision is better at range then up close

  45. older models have a lesser fov on the vision camera modules, and slower processing units. which explains why it took a while for it to locate each bin and only when it was directly in front of it.

  46. Actally adding a degree of redundancy and inefficiency helps the AI pass as organic. If it did a perfect drop every time then the artificial nature would be more aparent

  47. Like dudes full on jaw wide open belly laughing from bite end to video stop ain’t never seen a turtle with its mouth that wide. Dude was full on laughing out loud

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