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  1. Are you that guy with the deep voice who keeps leaving me voice-mail? Seriously, you must be super old if you think it's still cool to leave voice-mail.

  2. Nope, wrong old guy. The one who called me had a pointy hat and beard.

  3. Old guy still speaks Khuzdul, friend. Sorry for the foul language, was feeling a bit feisty.

  4. Wait have you heard of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard? I understand if you haven't jsut thought you might be interested their pretty good .

  5. pretty dumb name ngl… i don’t think i’ll listen to them.

  6. oh I understand it's kind of antimidating maybe try getting a pet lizard and it won't be as weird to listen to them after that again I understand but just making a suggestion again their pretty good

  7. I really like the spacing and variety that you've got here. I'd definitely note that certain edges look like they really need more jaggedness--the north-eastern end of the leftmost continent and a few lines on the rightmost continent look particularly soft.

  8. idk what they use but i use a fleshlight and its very good. works very well. and easy to set up. i use a rainbow tail buttplug with my fleshlight and it works pretty good. i dont use my fleshlight alot so its pretty good when i wanna use it occasionally

  9. wait so is the fleshlight usage what makes your life out of balance or is it how you cope

  10. I just had an incredible experience the other day listening to Don Caballero's American Don on a rainy, early-evening run.

  11. It's a brass rubbing of a 1518 monument to Robert Langton at Queen's College, Oxford. See

  12. Just tried some reverse image searches with no luck and I am now incredibly curious how you got this exact piece--were you familiar with it prior??

  13. Dang that's far, but the further from the cities the more beautiful it gets. I would assume jobs are not as easy to come by though, is that true?

  14. Another note here, though--living in the south/on the east coast and looking for hiking and camping opportunities is fundamentally different from the way it is out west, and remote isn't always 'accessible' the way people might think. It's rarer to find developed cities/areas in any southern state where hiking is 'integrated' into the culture the way it is in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, etc., in my experience, and the under-developed areas aren't quite the free and picaresque backwoods you might be used to--usually more dense, more humid, and overall, a little less explorable. Definitely isn't to say that there's no hiking or outdoors opportunities, of course, but it just isn't quite as much of a cultural norm--not as developed on terms of number of trails/hiking and camping amenities, and so on. One of the biggest reasons I want to get out west/move out west just comes down to wanting to be where truly enjoying the outdoors is more of an expectation than an exception, lol.

  15. Okay, hear me out. Yes, this house is ugly. But my parents live in the area and I would love it if they bought this house. Can you imagine visiting Grandma and Grandpa here? They already have a Zipline in their backyard. That ambush driveway would be nerf war central. I mean, you could deck this out so our annual Camp Grammy and PopPop would be amazing!

  16. I am now unable to think of this house as anything other than a nerf battleground, and I think 'nerf war suitability' should be the newest McMansion rating/qualification metric.

  17. The obvious choice here is after, my good man--if constructing her description can help you maintain a high level of arousal, as is the case with thinking about most real life females (in my personal writing experience), that means she is indeed realistic!

  18. A Monster Calls- I bawl like a baby every single time. (The movie adaptation is on Netflix for anyone lazy, and it’s almost as good)

  19. Came to say this, glad someone beat me to it. Was my favorite book at the time I read it (early teenager?), as it helped me cope with some of the stuff I was dealing with in my family--terminal illness, whole shabang. I was interested in acting when the movie was getting shot and remember the audition call getting posted--if only I'd lived in London...

  20. Personally I think that I & C have got a lot of potential! Would agree with a previous user that the third column has the best concept for this, though E is a close second. In agreement with others that the first column doesn't really convey construction, even though it does have some potential for architectural work and I think would be decent for a copywriter or something. Keep truckin, and kudos to you for puttin in so much good work thus far

  21. That's a good point actually, but considering that they ditched him from their ads like a decade ago, that number might be dropping at this point.

  22. Can't remember where I heard the statistic, but I think the top two contenders in this vein are actually Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse. If you're talking about universally recognizable faces, it's hard to miss those two.

  23. Hooooooooo boy. This is the post I've been waiting for, and the comment I've been waiting for on top of that.

  24. Early The Oh Hellos is SOOO good! And Impossible Soul is one of my favorite Sufjan songs, but I've only heard a few others off of Age of Adz. Will be listening to these. Thanks!

  25. Excellent taste, seriously. I've always had a hard time recommending stuff in this vein to people and finding descriptors for it--but you've hit the nail on the head. Check out the rest of that sufjan album and enjoy!

  26. You're definitely occupying that weird niche between Bo Burnham's Inside and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

  27. PS2 with the Namco Museum Game was pretty much the start of it all. Loved Dig Dug and Galaga before anything else--Pole Position?....not so much.

  28. Y'all best shut your grail-lickin mouths about us vinyl-collecting art history majors

  29. The typo made me read something completely fucking different

  30. Hmm, gotta say my standard everything bagel with cream cheese and a black coffee. Just can't be beat.

  31. Do you contain any index entries for yourself? If so, do those index entries contain index entries for your self as well? If so, do those index entries of index entries contain index entries for yourself too? If so--

  32. Consider selling yourself to a master who can purchase goods for you--I hear some folks in plane 3 refer to this as 'becoming a sugar babbi.' But whatever you do, don't search for your new master on keVsList. Last guy I knew who did that ended up spending a few too many years floating through the astral plane, if you catch my drift.

  33. This is a masterful collage. I feel like great landscape photography really gets brought out in these contexts, where works can play off of each other and give an impression--great portraits are often fine as solo-work wonders, but a collection of landscape photography like this one takes the imagery from good to stunning. Thinking of putting some of my own together like this, just might have to...

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