1. Everything pointing to a penalty shootout with Newcastle

  2. And they'll have one clear week to prepare while we play Barcelona just 3 days before in a European knock-out.

  3. Luckily not injury and Malacia is a competent backup

  4. He also said in Sky Interview if Shaw can be back in the weekend : "Difficult to say. We have to see how it develops"

  5. Again, luckily it's Reading and not a bigger game. We should be able to do well with Malacia

  6. 100%. Also interesting that Brandon is in the squad tonight. Maybe potential to be involved in the weekend.

  7. He’d be an idiot to go to PSG given their front three. Messi isn’t done yet and Mbappe going to Madrid, while it’ll happen eventually doesn’t seem like it’ll be this summer right?

  8. United are the only team currently involved in 4 fronts. So there's an obvious strain.

  9. The were deducted 15pts a few days ago, leaving them 10th. what else remains to be settled?

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