1. Cool and muted, possibly olive. Check out

  2. Kulfi on NE Alberta for authentic South Asian frozen treats, including kulfi and falooda

  3. I really like Glossier Lidstar or those Laura Mercier shadow sticks for an easy one and done. Lidstar in Fern, Fawn and Lily are great olive shades because they are either green/gold or mauve. Fawn pulls silver on me, even though it’s mauve and it’s super pretty. Fern is green gold and looks fairly neutral. Laura Mercier has a mauve shade called Amethyst that looks like neutral taupe on cool olives

  4. You’re rocking that warm lipstick!

  5. Pixi Water Tint, hydrating formula and good shade range

  6. Is this why peachy blushes look surprisingly nice on me? I’ve never tried orange cause I personally dislike that color but I’m starting to think I’m warm olive so I’ll try that next.

  7. Yeah, the lipstick test works well to determine if you’re warm or cool, clear or muted. I like Kosas because there is no white base and they divide their lippies by warm, cool, sheer, saturated, etc. Also, you can order a sample pack of every shade for $5 off the Kosas website.

  8. Purple blush makes me look bruised and pink ones make me look like clown 🥲😔

  9. Aventus is sooo the Roman Roy of the family, ha, while Hacivat does indeed feel like a Kendall Roy. (Are you watching Succession? Please ignore my references otherwise.) If we're talking Morning Chess, I couldn't see Shiv but I could see Gerri...

  10. I think it may have a white base? I wonder if something like Kosas Rosewater or Royal might have the same effect without the white base?

  11. I also love the Mini Gold, it has a couple olive shades

  12. It helps your face match your neck in a really subtle way. Your skin is gorgeous, btw, what’s your skincare routine?

  13. I love that your “pink” is mauve, same here!

  14. Wait, so it's like chocolate leather?

  15. I love it, to me it evokes a cozy grown up coffee shop with pan au chocolat and leather couches

  16. Bite Chai, MAC Viva Glam III, Mented No 5, Glossier Ultralip Ember are all deep muted mauve

  17. Cool olive: NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Marrakech, NARS Light Reflecting in Huahine, Ami Cole skin tint in Medium 1

  18. I think you’re cool, some sort of summer

  19. So many of us who have had trouble figuring out if we’re warm or cool turn out to be cool olive! I think you are some sort of olive, but I would check out Merriam Style on YouTube. I think her color system actually works better for olives. She is a cool olive herself. I actually paid her to type me, which is how I learned I am cool, after years of being mistyped as warm

  20. I’ve been considering getting the skin tint, but all the reviews are glowing. I still want to be aware of possible negatives.

  21. It’s become a HG for me! It’s at Sephora now, so you can pick up a sample. I would say if your skin is oily you will need to powder it. Also the tint is focused on folks with medium to rich skin tones. If you have very light or fair skin this won’t be for you. I love the finish, coverage and undertone

  22. I’m a Fenty 420, so I think I’ll pick up Deep 2. Thanks for your help!

  23. I hope you love it as much as I do, please report back when you get a chance to try it I’m interested in your thoughts!

  24. I think you’re muted, but can’t tell if you’re cool or warm

  25. Ruby Woo, Amorous, Viva Glam III, basically the cool reds, mauves and plums; cool clear olive NC44/45 depth (although MAC Foundations don’t work for me, because olive)

  26. How about Kosas Fringe or MAC Viva Glam I

  27. Ruby Woo is a cool red, it seems OP is warm

  28. A blue mixer may fix this issue. A lot of foundation brands label pink toned foundations as cool and yellow toned as warm. Few have enough of the pigment we need, which is blue mixed with either pink (cool olive) or yellow (warm olive)

  29. Both and neither. All south asians are some combo of indigenous south asians who left Africa tens of thousands of years ago, middle eastern farmers from around 10,000 years ago and indo-european steppe herders from around 4000 years ago, plus various other folks who have mixed in, in the last couple of millennia

  30. As a person who is currently wearing a similar shade, exclusively around my home (Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean lip balm in Popsicle), I’m telling you to RUN!

  31. ember is basically a nude on me, as a cool dark olive

  32. depends on whether you’re warm or cool, clear or muted, I’m a cool, clear, dark olive, so I could pull this off but it’s definitely not my best color

  33. Depends on whether you’re warm or cool

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