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  1. Did maybe they get busted and then they used the site to track orders and get people’s info? Incoming raids?

  2. I cant remember what state they are in? Im thinking new york and they arent the only vendor from there if true. But idk i know they were having mold problems again with greenhouse right before this happened

  3. If you ship non compliant hemp you’re now in fed boi territory.

  4. No one is shipping compliant hemp tho, even if you test cbd flower again 9 times out of 10 its going to be over .3 %, all these people test ASAP

  5. Quantatively yes, you are consuming less thc you have less thc metabolites

  6. Pretty nice sample size tbh, it usually takes me around 7-14gs to get to know a strain. Sadly i havent tried any of those, but pink panther and strawberry cake were my first online cbd orders! I really liked the pink panther😅😅

  7. Damn! Where are you on probation at? I'm on probation in Columbus and I'm allowed to have my card..

  8. I didn't have my med card UNTIL I was on probation. Shoutout to my PO told you i was good 😇

  9. The news? How many stories get changed 6 months later when all the facts come out. Almost every response to american school shooting is dripping in political rhetoric too.

  10. Yea.. I do.. I don't care what people say about THC, it's important to me.. So you do you and I'll do me.. Sound good?

  11. Hey man you do you, i love cbd and can get blitzed of 10% THC. Wish we could see more cannabinoids/terps before buying

  12. Sorry, not trying to be a dick, I was just expecting some smart ass comment to come next because that's what usually happens on this site.. THC% is important to me because I have been smoking for a long time, 25+ years, and I have quite a high tolerance. I've tried a lot of the lower THC stuff because it's usually priced lower but none of it ever did the job for me as well as the higher THC strains..

  13. Haha your good, i have to regularly take tolerance breaks to keep it hitting which i understand alot of people can't do( and this is a medical program after all). I'm just a flavor chaser always looking with my tongue, atleast you got some science lol

  14. The GOP only care about their white, straight, Christian, nationalistic “ideals”. It will be their downfall

  15. Yeah when i see people like Dianne Feinstein dancing with Jiang Zemin, i just think, surely a democratic woman and an asian man can't be doing anything bad because they arent white male republicans!

  16. Because people literally dont know what THCa is as evidenced by the amount of people coming on here asking "is this THCa going to get me high like weed??:"

  17. CBDa is incredibly spicy maybe your cbd edibles had a little bit of it

  18. If it didnt pass then how did it even make it to the shelves?????

  19. So everyone here seems to not mind the price:quality ratio. May have to go back to my younger days and pay $10/g lol

  20. I suppose my resources arent the same as everyone else's though, so vendors in this community I'd say they are damn near top quality. I was blown the eff away by BOB's smell and sativa effects, that's for damn sure. That was worth the price. Moonshine was up there too, not cured as well as BOB but still tasty. Medmeridian's pink panther was incredibly cared for flower too though, no joke, taste was so good and strong I mixed it with type 1 for a week.

  21. Are you comparing it to black market, dispensary, or some super secret type 3 vendor

  22. I vape cbd and thc at 370-380° faranheight, anything more even with a water pipe i will die coughing

  23. On what vape. Temp settings are rather arbitrary I find. Ball enail vapes are usually set in the 600-700 range so 450 is really low. Though, at least with this particular unit, you'd likely enjoy it more around 435

  24. Singapore joins the civilized world..... still illegal to be gay

  25. I've been smoking on this half of legendary platinum OG by five leaf wellness. Wasn't really sure the flavor profile when i got it, but it reminds me of cashmere kitty with a gingerale sweetness to it. Been loving FLW recently!!

  26. Was it the pre release? I have not gotten my plat og yet but I got some kush blend live resin and diesel fruit that came in w/o the plat og. I’m assuming it comes at a different time.

  27. You might be getting LPOG mixed up with that platinum cut of oz kush that is taking preorders

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