Skilling needs more endgame content

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  1. I'm lucky I didn't have an account with them but it makes me sick that they had this kinda money when they threw their customers under the bus pleading poverty.

  2. I closed my account when I found out sbf supported the democrat party. I just don’t want my money to go to that party. He even tried to do damage control during the collapse of it

  3. That came out after the fallout and sbf even stated he can’t prove cause he did it through non transparent way. He was only transparent about the democrat party

  4. A lot, since a lot of people don’t know about open seas or know they’re worth anything

  5. Bruh just shut up and help them or next time big red will be knocking on your door instead

  6. The United States has the largest and most advance military in the world. Europe only helps for trade

  7. I do agree skilling is cut under. Only Ironman know the level of skilling grinds, but now now irons are babied with boss drops. So other players that aren’t irons don’t have to skill for resources since they can pop back into pvming faster.

  8. So. It’s hacked right. It’s not a legit shiny. But, there are no repercussions of using it. Feel free.

  9. My knowledge you won’t get ban. It just won’t be able to be used in pokebank

  10. How on earth did you end up with justiciar?? Also, tanking in runescape does not work like it does in other games. Higher defense just gives you a CHANCE to not get hit as often, which is why no one ever really uses it. If you’re soloing, I’m pretty sure it does more harm than good since you yourself will not be hitting as often

  11. Cause bonds are worth 7mil so buying bonds is the best money maker with disposable income

  12. I've never heard of anyone being banned for flipping. Sounds like you've got a decent system going.

  13. I don’t really want a combat skill or it might mess up my range tank lol. I think a combination of gathing and utility would be useful

  14. I like old school RuneScape so I play that on my lunch break. I heard rs3 is good but I’m not a fan of that version

  15. Under that logic all Ironman and women breaks that rule. They sell too much stuff for other irons to buy items from shops and/or bought everything from the shop with slow respawn times

  16. Not combat, but I miss the rest function. I hate buying so many Staminas

  17. It absolutely is. People are always talking about disconnecting, and I haven't disconnected from the game in literal years. Sure, there are servers with stuttery ticks and occasional lag spikes, but the more serious stuff like this is almost never server-side.

  18. I agree with you, I would be playing on reunite and when I open opera the game freezes to let opera load. From the video it wasnt RuneScape, it was the connection of the user

  19. W330 has a shit ton of bots spamming hosts for zulrah/vork/phantom. Workless' portal is worn down to a nub at this point.

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