1. I havent heard that many people talking about earth grown wellness but they have a shit ton of delta 9 edibles and shit for sale now. I looked em up on reddit and for some reason all the posts are from like a year or 2 ago. I placed an order of most of their different edibles. Their prices are crazy cheap and i couldn’t find anyone saying they’re a scam. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see

  2. I have ordered from EGW a few times recently and have had zero problems. Some of their edible prices are hard beat!

  3. Anyone wanna take bets this person has ties to the medical cannabis industry?

  4. As a medical cannabis patient myself I wouldn’t doubt it. I go broke buying at the dispensary so I have to use delta 8 as a filler. Big cannabis definitely doesn’t want to lose money to hemp 🤷‍♂️

  5. I also just picked up a slim twist 2.0 and it has been solid 👏🏻 enjoy

  6. Delta 9 is definitely stronger via smoking (carts/dabs/flower) but when it comes to edibles I find delta 8 to be just as strong as delta 9. That’s me personally at least 🤷

  7. I have access to medical cannabis in my state and even tho I do buy delta 9 carts/flower I still find myself using delta 8 edibles. It’s cheap, ships in the mail and 110mg of gummies at the dispensary is like $22. I got 1500mg of delta 8 for $59 and I didn’t even make the gummies on my own. People buying bulk oil are saving so much money and I don’t blame them one bit 🤷‍♂️

  8. Where do people buy bulk oils? The sites I've been to just have small bottles of tincture.

  9. Popular brands commonly recommended in this sub are; HC8 (Highly Concentr8ed), Skyhio/3chi or Harbor City Hemp

  10. I’ve personally enjoyed The Lab carts/pens. They are distillate but definitely get the job done.

  11. The next hit I take is for the homies in Texas

  12. 3chi/Skyhio, Harbor City Hemp and Little High

  13. Yes, 3chi essentially pioneered delta 8 and their products are lab tested for purity/safety.

  14. Look closely at the states that banned delta 8 before any others. It is to protect their delta 9 industry. Little to do with conservatives vs liberals when you consider how the most liberal states were the very first to ban d8. It’s all about money regardless of which side you shout for.

  15. Yeah, that’s a no-go for me. I would personally toss it and order from trusted vendors/companies online with purity tests

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