1. Yes. My dad is… well, let’s just say don’t do drugs kids.

  2. What is the point of 240 tickrate? Is it for surf?

  3. That’s the weirdest excuse to post a picture of your keychain lmao

  4. FC11 is high CRI so colors will appear more natural and the beam will be more pleasant. It's unregulated and can sustain roughly 300 lumens. It uses an 18650 battery and is a bit smaller than the SP35.

  5. what do you mean by "sustain" lumens? Like that's what the flashlight can comfortably output without overheating?

  6. The Convoy M3-C and Fenix C7 I mentioned can each sustain 1,400 lumens. The requirements asked about was a big and bright light so why are people suggesting small pocket lights?

  7. I’m not sure. The flashlights he’s gotten in the past have been larger, with a good weight to them

  8. Can you hold things that aren’t credit card sized too? I keep my vehicle registration/business cards in my wallet, can you just stick stuff in it or would you need to use the clip?

  9. If that pie were sitting on a windowsill, the aroma from it would physically lift me off the ground and float me towards it

  10. I’m going to assume that there was a good amount of stomach acid that also came up with it, but yeah I’m actually curious how your stomach determines when to throw up

  11. TL;DR: This joke was that Marcus Aurelius was my mental voice, or at least, one of the many voices inside my head.

  12. An. I understood the point of the joke, but didn’t know what Marcus Aurelius was most known for. Like, why Marcus being the voice in your head would be important as opposed to any other voice, but it’s because he was the original post

  13. Literally anything. If it means you thought of me when I wasn’t physically in your presence, it means more to me than anything

  14. Saw an air fried for $20. I’m not going to buy it but still a hell of a deal

  15. Nothing, but don’t expect to use that job as a reference

  16. The cucumber. I just like eating cucumber it’s not a metaphor

  17. The same I’m using now, managed to get a 3070 when it first released for retail price. Luckiest I’ve ever been

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