1. Bro? There's a lot of auto saves you can load prior to that.

  2. In my experience as a PC player, preloading on steam is usually worse than just downloading. It takes so damn long to decrypt that you might as well just have downloaded it on release day.

  3. That's criminal almost. I think they should do something to reward OGs. I got a homie who got 4 heirlooms off pure luck and he ain't even level 200

  4. I was talking to the dude above me who said they got an heirloom at level 4

  5. Oooh my bad. I don't use reddit often, clearly. Kek

  6. No issue with 6600XT so far. Upgraded from an rx 550 4gb and it's been heaven.

  7. I was having a few issues that went away as soon as I updated my drivers. Since then I've been good with the exception of a few random fps drops here and there.

  8. I would love to use this team but unfortunately when I got caught once all my units die.

  9. I'm using a DB Saga team with Bulma, Chichi ex and Zenkai 7 Goku. I need ex kid Goku to complete the team but it works fine for now

  10. Sounds fun I'll try that next time I hop on

  11. Hahaha. I have all the LFs fam, doesn't change the fact that goku is a cheap character. You must be one of those types that back float and call it "skill".

  12. It's still skill? Using a main ability to overcome opponents is still skill, even tho it's op? Lfs should also BE really op, because they are so rare?

  13. "It's still skill even if it's op" bruh, the man has an invincible attack that over powers anything regardless of timing. Now, waiting for your opponent to use an arts to use said over powered move isn't skill. Also sure I'm down to beat you with hero yamcha.

  14. Thanks a lot to everyone who commented, I've learned a good amount from here alone and are getting my BnBs down. I decided to drop hit as suggested, for cell and I'm doing decent with goku. For those who didn't see, I'm on pc and my steam is narutobain

  15. mash square G . learn to counter super dash(this might sound stupid but do its a fkn pain for beginners like us). recently ive been focusing on an optimal combo with fused zamasu . btw man i find it har to hit moves sometimes thw qcf thing is hard on controller

  16. Haha I feel you there man, I just got down one combo finally.

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