1. Angua would probably leave the city for a while in a fit of depression that that was how people see her.

  2. As a fellow larger lady, I wondered if Sibyl would whoop and cheer and love her portrayal but also somewhere feel a little bit sad and self conscious that they’d taken off most of her padding 😟

  3. Ah yes. I almost forgot they were left out of it. I’m guessing Dibbler wouldn’t just find his horse clamped, but also his sausage cart, his house, his own legs…

  4. For socks, the row gauge doesn't matter because you'll be knitting to a length, that is, as many rows as it takes to go x inches, rather than specific number of rows.

  5. I think I get it!! So I only need to worry about the width in the gauge - eg how many stitches it takes to get to 4 inches across, rather than how many rows it takes to get to 4 inches long?

  6. That's right! Don't forget you want to make the gauge swatch in the round, using the same method you're using for the socks themselves.

  7. Hey, everyone thanks so much for the kind comments :) I uploaded some of these and some more on the gallery - I will upload more if people like these :) My handle is simulacrumb - I think the link below should bring up everything I've uploaded.

  8. Please upload them to the gallery I love them so much! 😭🤞

  9. Thank you! , I uploaded some of these and some more on the gallery - I will upload more if people like these :) My handle is simulacrumb - I think the link below should bring up everything I've uploaded.

  10. I believe he replied (correctly) that he’d paid her back!!

  11. This! And in true Bob style he’s summed it up. I think it’s just a very typically dylanesque trait isn’t it - using a noun as an adjective. It gives more flex when you’re writing if you can use words which fit despite the grammar not being quite right.

  12. While I get what you are saying, I think that those acknowledgments of the damage anger can do can very much be found. Really, I'd say that in many ways Vimes as a whole is a case study in why the anger cannot be allowed uncontrolled reign. Hell, you see Vimes' anger make him get close to murdering someone in cold blood more than once, only contained through his ironclad control. Maybe angry characters don't get sanctioned much (I'd have to think about it more to decide if I agree or not), but actions rooted in pure anger always get a mixed bag at best for results.

  13. I think for me the anger in his books was never an "issue" for me - but then I am quite an angry person! I feel probably in the way that TP was (I haven't read the biography yet but I have slammed a few doors in my time). It's interesting on this thread how many different types of anger readers have identified - Lady Felmet's, Deaths, Vimes', Granny's, Ridcullys. Mainly we've differentiated between them based on how they're expressed. But I think the differentiation for me is the motivation of the anger.

  14. Same - anger at stupidity, selfishness and laziness propelled me through most of my career. Anger is a tool, use it but don’t let it use you is my approach. (Compassion and kindness are not mutually exclusive to a good old fashioned sense of outrage lol)

  15. That’s really really tough. Thinking of both of you.

  16. 📦🧟‍♀️📦🧟‍♂️📦🧟📦 😱🔫💥 😂

  17. 🤷‍♂️🙍🏻‍♀️🧺👀🙉

  18. Hmm, my watering and feeding are similar, but mine is in a south facing window so I wonder if it’s getting too much sun? It doesn’t seem to get burnt and the leaves are massive with a lovely dark red colour underneath, but only one of the 5 canes has produced a bunch of flowers.

  19. I think begonias like the shade, so perhaps! My outside begonias hated the sun and heat this year - definitely not loads of flowers on them.

  20. Also I just thought of something which is that I very rarely prune this one - I will have to soon because it’s actually touching the ceiling now. Maybe that means it puts energy into flowers rather than new leaves?

  21. Oh wow. This is beautiful! Im so jealous. What do you plan to grow in there?

  22. Behind that statue is the national gallery, where a portrait of a man looking VERY similar to Vetinari hangs….! So I’d say that’s more than a coincidence.

  23. I'm a 31 year old mom just started love books nature and scary movies would love someone to play with.

  24. Happy to play! Could you message me your friend code?

  25. I’ve now had flesh is burning nanananananaa stuck in my head for hours! Turns out it is catchy.

  26. Are you watering gently enough? Sometimes water can force plants out of soil. I’ve got a little mini watering can I water my SOH with. Also may be your soil is too loose and not compacted enough. If you keep planting it back in dry loose soil it will fall out. Maybe spray the soil damp before you plant it back in and then put some more compost around the stem on top of the damp stuff?

  27. I use a spray bottle, and do tend to repot into damp soil but will definitely make more of a conscious effort!

  28. They are fiddly things. Mine are quite long now and sort of piled on top of themselves so I think maybe the weight stops them pushing themselves out. But they do seem to have a death wish generally.

  29. I don’t know the variety but it looks like it is still just about alive as it still has green on it. Cut off the dead bits at the stem and remove any that have fallen in its soil. Give it a drink and some plant food - you can get drip feeder little tubes for really cheap. Don’t move it as it probably likes the light. When it’s recovered a bit, repot it so it gets some fresh soil.

  30. What can I do if all stems coming dry out of the soil? They all look like this one :/ when I cut them off, I have not plant anymore.

  31. Also I should clarify I don’t mean cut the whole stem. I mean just cut back to the point there is fresh green growth

  32. It’s difficult to say without seeing it in person. Basically if a stem doesn’t have any green growth coming off it at any point, cut it back. If there is dead growth at the end of the stem but life at the bottom, cut it back. You don’t want the dead plant to stay on there as as it rots it will take the rest of the plant with it. Also if the fresh growth is growing off dead stems it’s okay to trim those stems back. If a plant is to recover it will be because it’s roots are strong. You don’t want to remove too much green because that will starve it if oxygen but at the same time you do want to encourage it to put fresh healthy growth out. Trimming stems will do that in time.

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