1. I don't have any studies or anything, but if it ever comes up in conversation (it has) I just sum it up as "I looked into the process it takes to make some of these oils and it's disgusting so I stick with butter/olive oil." and leave it at that. THAT'S the seed that was planted in ME that made me curious about seed oils and look into it more, so I figured maybe it would have that same effect on others.

  2. Gary Yourofsky comes to mind. He has said a woman who wears a fur coat should suffer a particularly cruel act of rape that scars her forever, while a man who wears a fur coat should be sodomized so severely his intestines spill to the ground. And that he sees nothing wrong with violence if it helps establish a vegan society.

  3. Last night I made orange chicken for the first time. VERY tasty

  4. Oh my gosh I was about to post this! I just made orange chicken for the first time on Sunday and it was FANTASTIC. Not nearly as hard as I thought, either.

  5. Whether or not this may be true is not what I care about, who is “they” lol this is some tin hat shit

  6. He's referring to Jews with the ((())) around 'they' it's a common antisemitic thing so you're right on the money with the 'tin hat shit' comment

  7. I live in southern Arizona, I grew up in the may have biodiversity...but it is still a hellscape.

  8. I freaking love the desert and find it so interesting but if I was lost in the desert it WOULD be hell. It's a beast, man. The desert fauna/flora took the most harsh ecosystem out there, an ecosystem that would kill any other plant and animal within days, and decided to make it their home, and not only survive but thrive. I think its flora/fauna reflect the harsh conditions they call home, i.e. cacti, scorpions, rattlesnakes, vultures/birds of prey, etc. all the things that seem to not sit well with humans. I know that's an extremely simple view of it but I've always had a respect for it even though I do consider it a hellscape lol.

  9. I was so disappointed when Grimmjow didn’t just kill off both of them after the Orihime scene

  10. Isn't that what killed the health inspector in that Spongebob episode

  11. I like this idea. Smart. I'll have to really plan my next grocery trip.

  12. It’ll be fine as long as certain characters don’t come back cough cough Ace

  13. If your in Vegas it could be a casing someone took home from one of the many gun ranges out there. Some folks like them as souvenirs.

  14. Not to mention it's the last day of SHOT Show today and gun enthusiasts from all over the country are there right now.

  15. SHOT Show is industry persons only. While most of the industry are also enthusiasts, SHOT is not open to the public. It's actually pretty strict on who gets in.

  16. Oh wow you're right. I follow a lot of gun guys and smaller influencers and a lot of them were there, and I just assumed the public was allowed.

  17. I use it because you can identify a good sauce by the amount of green flecks in it 😅

  18. It’s such a fake out. It takes a home dish from gourmet to ✨💫gourmet💫✨ without changing the taste at all. When I cook for myself I ALWAYS leave it out but if I’m trying to impress someone I parsley it up.

  19. And it's like, how am I supposed to know how many cranks is 1 tsp?

  20. You guys are out here measuring black pepper and not cranking to your heart’s content??

  21. I'm actually really glad you posted this, because I've been alternating between this and the Chobani creamer. Every time I bought a bottle of Nestle, it was the bottle on the left that covered up the seed oils (I always read the ingredients first) so I figured it was okay. Now I'll stick with Chobani.

  22. They changed the formula, so the bottle you were buying wasn’t “covering up the seed oils,” they just didn’t used to have them in the product. This is Nestle’s response to the change:

  23. Ohh, when I saw the picture I assumed it was already in the creamer somehow disguised under 'natural flavor' and the second bottle was just being more honest. That's too bad but I'm not surprised at all they're adding soybean oil now.

  24. Good alternative is the chobani sweet cream that’s what I get now

  25. I LITERALLY just bought a bottle half an hour ago at the store. Stuff tastes divine. I alternate between that and just heavy cream + honey.

  26. We have 5-6 feral stray cats that have adopted us/our barn, and after watching them kill multiple rats, we've let them stay (after catching them and neutering/spaying them). None of them have laid a finger (claw) on our girls. We DO have a large rooster however. The only aggression I've ever seen has been the chickens attacking the cats and scaring them away, not the other way around EVER, so I'm not worried. I could see it depending on the cat's personality and the size of the chickens however.

  27. This may be an unpopular opinion but I prefer the balsamic vinegar over red wine.

  28. This may be an unpopular opinion but I would happily drink balsamic vinegar straight from the bottle

  29. Pro tip! Doing dry January? A little balsamic really hits a lot of those alcohol notes in a mocktail! We've been making some pretty awesome spicy strawberry margaritas with a bit of balsamic instead of tequila.

  30. Make a paste with sugar and iodine. Apply paste to bumble. Bandage. ??? Profit.

  31. I’ve heard of this before and how well it works. Do you soak + try to pull everything out first? Or just apply it directly over the area and call it a day?

  32. When I first dealt with bumblefoot, I did the soak. But, I didn't love it. Neither did they. After discovering the sugardine method I have only used it, with no soaking. It is very effective. If I can get the bumble out, yes, I will pack the wound with sugardine and bandage over it, but most of the times I haven't even bothered with that. It dries the infection out so fast that it seems not worth it to me. You do have to reapply the paste and bandage, however. It's not like a one and done kind of thing.

  33. Amazing, I’m going to do this asap. Our rooster has been dealing with horrible bumblefoot that has refused to go away treatment after treatment, and we’re BOTH exhausted from the soakings and the digging in his foot to get everything out :( thanks for the advice

  34. Wanted to, but this 100⁰+ heat and drought murdered my normal vegetable garden. Going to try to line the run with local sunflowers. The ones along the roads out here seemed to do fine.

  35. If you're in the southwest, grapes grow really well in the heat. Our grapevines overtake everything they touch and we hit 114-117 day after day for months during the dead of summer. Has the added benefit of tons of grapes, and you get to watch the tiny hops chickens do to reach them.

  36. That works. We had meat rabbits when I was growing up. I remember my mom clubbing rabbits, shooting pigs and butchering chickens. The rabbits were the hardest for us to watch/ help butcher. I think it was because they let us name them and take them out of the cage and pet them. We also didn't much like the taste of rabbit stew, but I think that had more to do with my mom's cooking. The rabbits would escape on occasion and mate with the wild rabbits. Every so often you would see a brown rabbit with strange colorations in the grass. Anyways, you should post a roasted rabbit or a stew recipe as a follow-up.

  37. Can I ask why you club them instead of cut off the head or cutting the throat or something? I’ve grown up around chicken butchering so I’m used to methods like that and they seem really quick and easy

  38. Loving the liver love on this post. It's so damn nutritious for you.

  39. do we not respect a Cougar's or Bear's right to eat me? Kill it? Cuddle it? Give it Vital Wheat Gluten and flavor it with Me?

  40. Something something humans are an invasive species so you probably deserved it something something

  41. I have warts that grow on my elbow. They went away when i did carnivore!!! Decided to start eating avocado and cucumber, warts started coming back. Vegetables are full of their own natural pesticides. "God" did not actually create plants for man to eat, BECAUSE Plants evolved to not be eaten, cause when they get eaten, they die!!

  42. Hate to be that guy but in the bible it's literally stated He created vegetation for man and animals' consumption (Genesis 1:29-30). Yes I completely agree though that a lot of vegetation carries its own problems and defenses that people should be more aware of, ESPECIALLY before going vegan or raw vegan (yuck).

  43. I used to agree but the more I think about it, some people just need killing. Timothy McVeigh, for example or there’s a serial killer on death row in CA, dude killed 11 people…that we know of. The Boston Marathon guy, whoever killed those kids in ID, Bin Laden etc.

  44. There was an extremely, extremely brutal case years ago in the US where 5-6 teen boys raped and killed 2 teen girls and basically tortured them for 45 minutes. Insanely disturbing case. And if I remember right, at court the anti-death-penalty protestors decided for some reason that was the hill they were going to die on and protested outside. One of the victims' fathers was leaving court and they were heckling him the entire time. Horrible stuff. I couldn't imagine the rage that father felt. It was the Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena case in Texas.

  45. That rooster took that hawk down while harnessing the collective rage of every chicken owner who's ever lost hens to birds of prey. What a badass little fella. Not often does a chicken take on a hawk and come out victorious and alive.

  46. What a relief, my amounts are generally not perfectly accurate either and that's comforting to hear. Thanks!

  47. From a purely chemical perspective, pH is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. In order for a substance to affect the pH of a solution, it has to have the tendency to separate into ions when added to the solution. Sugar does not have this tendency, so it should have little impact on pH for the purposes of home canning.

  48. Ah, that’s kind of what I meant when talking about sugar, ‘inhibits microbial activity’, thank you. Thanks for the response! That puts my mind at ease a bit.

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