1. My sabumnim is a hairdresser. I don't know about my kickboxing trainer.

  2. I am, ima catch that and put it behind your back for that submission

  3. And right after that you wake up in a stretcher

  4. There is! Everything in this game's combat is starting to be more and more speed-oriented so as to not be reactable (replay the campaign for a weird experience with timing), but that aspect of his moveset still hasn't been sped up. I'm sure it eventually will be in the name of viability tho.

  5. Basic forms performed by everyone are a pretty good option (especially if it's a few seconds for a montage and not a full-on stationary video showing the entire form). Seeing everyone perform in a military-like formation adds on to that "martial" element of the art and shows the group aspect to it.

  6. Two things I'd like to note, from the philosophical framework you present, and then an answer:

  7. Even when not playing Hatsumi's game he almost got dropped into oblivion (which he countered with dragon shot yadda yadda yadda). He would get stomped on.

  8. Many are telling you to hit through the target, but not explaining it.

  9. Hey! I don't know if it's WT/KKW, ITF or ATA, I have only done 2v1 a few times and am completely new to TKD (been doing it for less than a year); but I could, however, share some useful ideas I grasped when I was sparring like such. Maybe they can be exploited in better ways by an experienced practicioner like you are. Here goes.

  10. That kinda stuff does happen. Try to have always present in your mind that we are all susceptible to fall prey of the

  11. Try to help her. Again. And again. Or leave her if you're not willing to. I sincerely can't believe that a person who has been 15 years with their couple and still loves them wrote such a thing. It very much is your business to get her out of there. Maybe begin by telling her what you said in this post if you haven't. I wish you the best of luck and strength needed for what is to come.

  12. Words only mean what the people using them want them to mean. Bjj guys use the terms differently as it makes it easier to communicate in the sport.

  13. Words are signifiers. They are constructs, but constructs that are based on and uphold each other. A word can be used with a "wrong meaning" in that sense: an incorrect use of words. Which doesn't mean we should sacrifice convenience for the correct use of them.

  14. i think you’re agreeing with me here; there’s if you have two words to differentiate something you use daily, whether it’s the official meaning or not doesn’t matter

  15. I kinda am. It may matter depending on the context of the use: sometimes we think we make or lives easier and do just the opposite. I do think the difference is convenient in this case— given there isn't much difference between these words in question and "blood choke/air choke".

  16. When I want to be polite I phrase the "May I" in a more literal manner: "¿podría pedirte un vasito de agua?" or "pues si te puedo pedir... ¿un vaso de agua?"

  17. regarding nietzsche's personal belief in the eternal return, it has been proved that he did some researches on the topic from a scientific viewpoint and that he was also inclined to see it as a scientific fact

  18. That's interesting! You got any of those researches?

  19. Thanks! Unfortunately I don't know french at all. I can make sense of some of what they're saying (since I'm spanish), but not much. Thank you again anyway!

  20. It depends. If it's for TKD competition, in almost every style (traditional, ATA, KKW, ITF) you'll be favored with an outboxing approach, since that'll give you a quick and powerful mid-range tool that'll make your opponents think twice before closing in or getting away. Great for distance management too.

  21. Distance management and clever dodging was my forte at this game and I excelled in duels... before the CCU and the subsequent changes. Now the game just feels like it's completely focused on barrages of attacks bound to connect and 50/50s everywhere. Sometimes I get confused as to how an attack got me when I was very clearly out of range. It's like characters levitate, hover while attacking.

  22. ... Nothing about dodging was changed with the CCU

  23. I'm talking about the tracking of attacks in general from the CCU til now. Not saying that it changed everything itself, much less dodges.

  24. Buenas! Ya te han respondido todo, así que solo te comento una pequeñez: BOE es Boletín Oficial del Estado, así que es masculino (el BOE).

  25. Cool! Just subscribed!

  26. Maybe peak hatsumi could pull something outta his ass and use the razor's edge's strength to redirect him (like Ohma did in their first fight but in his own way) but with the bullshidoey part of Aikido about a stronger attack being more susceptible to be countered

  27. There's a fellow in the Mainländer Discord server who has begun translating his novel, and also shared a chapter, but I don't know whether he's still working on it.

  28. got a link to the server?

  29. Buenas, soy de Tres Cantos y uso muchísimo el TP. La app de cercanías lo dice bien (y on that note, casi siempre lo pone todo bien). A Maps a veces le da un nosequé de ganas de que cojas buses, o se piensa que el tren no pasa de chamartín o alcobendas. En el caso de tu foto parece que Maps solo contaba con la C4A (la que pasado Cantoblanco va para Alcobendas) en lugar de la que pasado Cantoblanco te lleva a 3C y va hasta Colmenar, la C4B.

  30. I don't really get the point of this? Anyway, if you got a video maybe someone can give you some tips to perfect your technique.

  31. This little book that came out this year by Manuel Pérez Cornejo - Viator: Arturo, o el pesimismo: un diálogo (fantasía filosófica sobre los jardines de La Granja de San Ildefonso). (Arthur, or [on] pessimism: a dialogue (philosophical fantasy around the gardens of La Granja de San Ildefonso)) From Huso editorial. Quite brief (134 pgs.) and pretty good! Only in spanish though. If anyone's interested I could contact him to ask about an english translation or do one myself if he allows me to. I may ask as a post in this sub later.

  32. Which is not something people would usually enjoy, or at least you can't expect them to enjoy it.

  33. Well, I personally cringe every time a bit of such humor appears, but people do enjoy it. Or at least a substantial enough amount of people for it to keep having iterations.

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