1. For the uneducated, category 3 basically means full-panel test.

  2. Ignore the blacklight why is it red??? That's the most concerning part to me, d8 should be clear af more so than normal carts in my experience. I wouldn't smoke that if I were you

  3. Overheated. Improper handling by the manufacturer. All these hemp labs operated by amateurs with no experience in a professional field. If you leave distillate on the hot plate for a long time, it gets darker.

  4. There is synthesized Delta 9 (hemp derived). Probably what they were talking about.

  5. Delta9 is delta9. Doesn’t matter if it’s from hemp or from marijuana. It’s the same chemical compound, and will affect you the same.

  6. Thank you, that explains a lot more. Another question, is delta 8 bud always like this? Or can you actually grow delta 8?

  7. You can’t grow delta8. Well you can, but it only occurs naturally in trace amounts.

  8. Every post titled “za” or “zaza” always end up looking like the middest of mids…

  9. I’d need to keep hitting this thing back to back every single minute…

  10. This could classify as “hemp” and be sold in non-legal states as “THCA hemp” because of the LOQ D9.

  11. Yeah, just be careful. Not every state or person in the USA is going to be tolerant or accepting.

  12. I made a post the other day about "THCA hemp" and so many people were trying to argue against me that it isn't real weed and that it was another BS product sold in the hemp industry...

  13. I’ve never used them, but they came up on Google

  14. If it’s hash rosin, I can see it. I would never pay more than $8 for a distillate cart.

  15. What happened to Etnies, Osiris, DC, etc.?

  16. Then can you explain why flower lab results show d9 at high levels and thca at low levels for some flower and low d9 and high thca on other flower testing lab results in raw flower.

  17. I believe it has to do with what stage the flower was when it’s tested. THC-A will naturally convert to delta9 over time.

  18. Thca converts to d9 without heat? From my understanding thca can only be converted to d9 through decarboxylation aka heat and time

  19. I believe THCA slowly decarbs itself naturally at a temp lower than room temp. That’s why some flowers test high for D9. They’re more mature so the THCA has had a chance to convert to D9.

  20. Maybe not in this day and age where they don’t manually lift the trash cans with their arms.

  21. Honestly that’s kind of where I fall. They used to do hard manual labor all day. Now most of it seems to be sitting on their ass controlling an arm.

  22. Could you imagine trying to lift a 100 lb can with rotting meat/vegetable juice flinging all over you? And then in today’s age, the workers controlling the arms are probably getting paid more…

  23. Better question. How tf you smoke that 😭

  24. The neck is the mouthpiece. Then you light all the limbs. Careful though, once you smoke down all the limbs and get to the body, it’s gonna start chiefing like a motherfucker.

  25. I know you're asking for a light event, but just in case you'd also be interested in something else, check out ICE! at Gaylord Palms.

  26. Dispensary my ass. You got that from a smoke shop ran by Middle Easterns.

  27. sorry, but hemp-derived cannabinoids aint za. shit's weak af and it's all distillate

  28. For someone who has reached full adulthood, this shit weird

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