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  1. Goodfellas. The scene where Abed sends everyone a message has the song Layla playing in the background. Goodfellas has a scene where the mafia kills off the members of a huge heist and Layla plays over it

  2. "As far back as I can remember I've always wanted to be in a mafia movie"

  3. If a contestant answers my same wrong response, I immediately shout, “VALIDATED!”, I can’t be alone in this.

  4. Cant speak to that, honestly, i know next to nothing on the history there, but IIRC the colony in ATLA becomes where they build Republic City.

  5. I think hong kong was controlled by the british for a long time as they just kind of took over the area when setting up trade with china. Eventually they gave control back to china and they're still working out tensions between HK and China. I think taiwan is similar but I don't recall the history there as much. Scanning wikipedia it looks like it was chinese, then japan got control somehow, then after ww2 china got it back.

  6. ... you know, i just remembered that i had read a Historical Fantasy, (it might have been Shanghai by Christopher New, but i might be wrong), but it delved into a century or so of history in China from opium wars, to Japanese and British colonization... i dont know how much of it was true and how much was the fictional/fantasy aspect, and i also read it over 10 years ago (the story starts with an emperor having a vision of the future and carving it into an ivory pipe, and entrusting the future to the descendents of his most trusted people).

  7. As you said fire/earth are loosely based on japan/china and they definitely based some of the colonization on Japan's in china. It's just inspiration though so it can be reflective of many situations in the real world all at once.

  8. Jeff turns 40 in that S5 episode and to retcon their decision to make that episode they say hed been lying about his age

  9. The whole G.I. Joe thing "lying about his age" was a pathetic attempt by Harmon to destroy the shipping of the couple. Not to mention he didn't want to write "anything romantic", hated romcoms and had a misogynistic view of women at the time(as told by him during the Megan Ganz thing). So he just wanted to destroy any sort of happy shipping. The argument about Jeff being an old creep & age gap being big still applies even with their 13years difference. But Harmon just wanted to worsen it by making it 20 years and also himself turning 40 at that time, so he pour it all in the show.

  10. You might not agree with the decisions harmon and the writers made, but as the show is written he turns 40 in S5

  11. Did you not watch the video? I'm talking about fighting for a spot. Sure he would take big hits because he liked doing that but he got told directly by Belichick "Edelman might replace you" and laughed it off saying "Good he can have it" talking about punt return. Edelman would have fought to be on the field as much as possible, Welker only wanted to be on the field when he felt like it

  12. You could see the regret in his face about the statement he made when Bill responded with "way to compete". Dude was like "shit, bb gonna remember that"

  13. Let's just go crazy and guarantee 14 days of paid sick leave for all working adults in the US. You know, since we're all people, who get sick now and then?

  14. Yeah I'm just sitting here thinking.. why is this legislation limited to rail workers? How many rail workers are there in USA that they deserve their own rules? We need to codify sick leave, vacation time, parental leave in laws so companies can't keep abusing their workers

  15. They're cramming an avengers endgame team up into one movie

  16. Well to be fair KSU beat an then ranked 6 OU and a 9 OSU. So saying they have no ranked wins now is odd.

  17. They ain't ranked now so it doesn't mean that much. Oklahoma is 6-6, they were only ranked high because of preseason inertia. That doesn't count as a ranked win anymore imo

  18. *Cincinnati. Named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman general and politician much admired by George Washington and others in the early years of the country.

  19. More than just a general. Was named dictator twice to lead Rome through wars and voluntarily relinquished his power both times. That's what he was supposed to do, but Julius Caesar not giving up the power was how the Roman Republic died and the Roman empire was born

  20. It is hard man. In a lot of majors they pack in a lot of work to weed out the slackers. Just try to keep organized and put in the work to get it done. I'm not sure that it actually gets easier but I think you get used to it and you figure out how to get your classwork done more efficiently.

  21. Try sending the company a message. I asked once, in that case, it was counting elk.

  22. Yeah those are lights. When you unlock the car at night it looks cool. Helps you find your car too. I think you can make them look like bat signals or other stuff if you want to mod the car.

  23. I'm not so opposed to tressel, but I think we can do better. I honestly didn't know who coombs was when they announced him as interim hc. Don't usually pay attention to st coaches

  24. As a total amateur who is absolutely a homer, I'm gonna rank these by likelihood so everyone can make fun of me.

  25. I think that if Aaron Hernandez wasn't a murderer he'd be HOF as well. He was a monster.

  26. Abed will send out letters with different events tailored to each person to ensure they come.

  27. He did that to jeff to get him over for the dinner party

  28. It's also a fairly commonly used trope

  29. Okay I still say this constantly to my husband almost 20 years later because of this movie 😂 I’ll “bump into” him, grab his ass and be all apologetic - ”Ah, mi scusi!!”

  30. Yeah I still say mi scusi sometimes. I've never included the groping though 😂

  31. TBH, I almost always give credit to the opponent when it's due. Not on some basic sh*t but on a nice shot.

  32. I do it a lot when their placement made it impossible to defend from where I was placed

  33. Hopefully the fan base doesn't turn on Fickell. He was arguably the most successful football coach in university history. It was very classy of him to turn down the Notre Dame job offer last year because it was offered before the end of the season.

  34. Nah I'm not mad at fickell for leaving. I'm a little sad but I'm just surprised he stayed this long. He got us to be the first G5 in the playoffs. Might wind up being the only ones in the 4 team era. He got 9 players into the NFL in a single year. He did amazing things for us. Hopefully the next guy can come anywhere close

  35. Possibly the Michigan DC. I want someone who knows the recruiting area.

  36. I only just learned on Saturday that he is Rick Minter's son. He seems promising but I'm not too sure on that being our best choice

  37. I think one of the bigger reasons is that this may be the best opening in a while in the mid-west. Michigan is locked up, despite what OSU fans are saying Day is here to stay, Notre Dame has their guy, MSU is locked into a horrible contract.

  38. And one good part for him with Wisconsin is they don't have to play OSU every year

  39. No. If we hear any more complaining we'll pick a fight with Ohio again, and this time we'll take Green Bay.

  40. So, what, we get detroit? Or is that too far? Up to monroe?

  41. The antivax/lyme combo was funny. If they rerelease that lyme vaccine that'll help with your lyme problem

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