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  1. Mannie, I which translated to little man. Or I just call him man.

  2. I think the V stich is classed as one stitch in this case. Sometimes patterns have some many stitches for that row at the end, this pattern doesn't. While yes, each hdc is its own stitch, you need to think of it like a granny square, 3 dc together in a cluster of 3, while each is its own stitch it is classic as a cluster stitch. So if you read the first row has 14hdc then v stitch Next is 15, you added a stitch from the hdc in the v stitch. Then in the chain space you put 2 v stitches. I'll try to do some later after work and post a pic for you. 6.30am Australia time now

  3. OK I think I get it. So the vst is hdc, chain, hdc So 1 vst is 3 stitches? Because the chains count as a stitch.

  4. I'm guessing 2 v stitches in v stitch from the row before. I think that's how you get an increase on the row

  5. But what is the v stitch? So if you make a v stitch it's 1hdc chain 2 1hdc in Same stitch

  6. Lampje (als iemand dom is) "das ook geen lampje"

  7. This is very beautiful and enchanting! I like the colors you chose and the pose. Did you spray something to seal it? How well does oil pastel hold up on wood?

  8. Still looking for something to spray it with tbh xD first time doing this.. So have no clue about how well it will hold. It's extremely easy to work with though, because you can just wipe it off when you make a mistake. But that also probably means this won't last long unless I find an awesome sealer somewhere.

  9. I have some real issues with the perspective of this photo. Are your teeth sideways? How did you take this picture? It seeks like I can see the top of your molars out of the side of your mouth

  10. Ha so funny! I know her from before she became a tattoo artist and got one of her first actual tattoos (on a person) for just the price of the materials as practice. She is indeed amazing, good to see she's gotten a fanbase!

  11. I had the same fear. My kid is 2.4 yo now. Only thing that helped for me was the passing of time. It's a horrible place to be in. But if the dad hasn't been in his kids life until somewhere around 3 or 4 at all there is a very slim chance he will get any paternal rights and its also a lengthy process. I did consult a lawyer to get this information, and it defo differs from location to location. I'm in Europe. I truly considered moving to a different country in my height of fear. It's so scary. Go to a lawyer to get advice and give it time.

  12. Here they advise to take just an ibuprofen an hour before you come in. Doenst really help. But heavy painkillers aren't very good for you. So if they can avoid giving them, they do. They often also drill holes at the dentist without painkillers here, until you really start screaming then they give you a small injection

  13. Right around 20 months. I immediately implemented quiet time, where he can nap if he needs it, but he also gets the special "quiet time toys" he can play with in his crib.

  14. Don't accept any future clothes and take away the key. Tell her to return the items because you have no room for it and are deciding to live more minimalistic. Don't have her leave the clothes at your home. Tell her you appreciate the gesture but tell her something else she can do instead, if she wants to do something nice (like leave stew or something).

  15. Famous entertainer called Roy Castle in the UK died of lung cancer as well, having never smoked but he performed for years in smoke filled venues. People suddenly woke up to the danger of this because of his celebrity status and that was still only in 1994….

  16. Tbf for both scenarios described in this thread it could also be bad luck. Ppl get lung cancer who have never been around smokers. It's just something that happens. Not saying it's OK to smoke around ppl...but it doesn't have to do anything with anything when it concerns cancer.

  17. Here’s how I look at it, if Europe and Capitalism needs to continue to prosper, it will need immigrants/expats. Europe’s not having enough babies, heck even India isn’t making as many babies now. It’s kind of a toss up between stagnation economically or economic growth. Contrast this to America, probably with the highest number of babies born per capita in the western world thanks to immigration which drives the economic engines.

  18. US are trying to bump up baby numbers by banning abortion.. Maybe we should try too.

  19. And when the numbers are up, give one of them a gun in school

  20. Also make sure all their parents are addicted to opioids.

  21. Background helps a lot. Even a solid block of color behind the portraits bring them to life.

  22. Forest green paint. Would look so luxurious. Also look for gold /brass tabs etc

  23. Cobblestone throat. Usually virus related. Also some tonsillitis it seems. Nothing to worry about. Drink a lot and take some vitamins. If no improvement in a few days visit the doctor

  24. NSFW first of all. Secondly looks not concerning, you can have some kind of virus or ingested something your body didn't agree with. Keep eating healthy foods. Drinking plenty. And if no improvement in a few days go to the doctor.

  25. Picture maybe? Does it look like petichea? Are the close together and are there a lot? Or just like 10 bigger spots on one arm?

  26. NAD I wouldn't be worried about one bruise and bump tbh. The cutis (bump you're talking about) that can come with leukemia are quite rare and usually show up at an advanced stage of the illness, you will probably feel bad before this can be seen as a symptom from leukemia. I'm covered in random bruises all the time. Pay close attention to when you bump or scratch yourself, maybe keep a diary for a few days. See if anything shows up that isn't in loved in some kind of 'accident'. Nonetheless, if you're really worried just go to the doctor.

  27. Very nice! I'm gonna try to replicate it if you don't mind

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