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  1. Yeah, so that feeling you are having is a good indicator that these meetings are inappropriate and are not serving you. They may be a sort of grooming for sexual harassment or they might be part of the process of sexual harassment. All women experience some form of it at some point in their careers. I am glad you reached out for advice. You can tread lightly and there are ways that you can get around this. First, send an effusive e-mail, with your boss in copy, thanking him for his support during the transition period and that you are canceling your standing meetings since you have new obligations with new boss. Keep it short, sweet, and professional. Then, whenever you see him in the office act extra friendly and talk about all those tv shows and games. Again, extra professional with hand shaking and big smiles. There are a lot of people ITT that are saying to use the extra attention to your benefit. There might be a way, but keep in mind that it's hard to turn inappropriate attention into appropriate attention. In any case, trust yourself!

  2. It is so cringe and annoying when others find rainbow flicks and celebratory dances as a distasteful thing for the sport. How is self expression and entertaining tricks offensive? F*ck those sensitive mfs

  3. Let's fucking go. it's been a long road y'all. time to continue to change the sentiment on this technology so that we can use it to really change the world.

  4. It's not the "father". It's the groom. The one that was supposed to marry her. He brought his lawyer, with proof that the pregnancy was 6 months and not 4 months old. With video proof that she was with the guy in red during those days. Funny that the guy actually went to the same wedding.

  5. The “father” or the baby not her literal biological father goofyahh

  6. That goofyahh makes you look really cool and tough, keep it up

  7. Reece James because I’m sure Kyle Walker will probably be CB

  8. Why is Kyle Walker always cemented in the starting eleven over Tomori?

  9. Liverpool fan here, it’s definitely Reece James

  10. Filipino here! These Chinese are everywhere and they abduct and kill each other due to gambling debts. You can see how these police officers can't even do anything about it. There's a reason why Philippines is called the South America of Asia lol.

  11. Luckily there’s no place called the Asia of South America

  12. After reading this guys past comments he is definitely a mutt, you got to read the constant negativity he brings to crypto and life in general. What a loser, in Aus we call people like him bitter generally because they are failers in life, just like his soccer team lmao, all coins are shit coins to people with shit for brains.

  13. Lmao ok, can you whip up some technical analysis and show everyone why and how Yieldly has utility? 😂I’m not bitter, I just didn’t put all my money into this like you probably did in hopes to get rich and now you’re stuck holding a bag that is 90% down

  14. 98% down Dick head and I just double down on those little beautiful suckers, yes I have a lot, I am a whale but it's not even 4% of my algo holdings, so don't worry about me shit head cas I'm not, I'm having a ball, just worry about your miserable existence.

  15. TL;DR - Insuffrable American corprorate types fire very serious German man for not wanting to be part of the chummy whatsapp group they use for asking stupid beginners football questions.

  16. People love clowning on American owners but… WHERE ARE THE BRITISH OWNERS?? Broke ass mfs don’t have the pockets for it💯💯

  17. What a tragedy we have fewer billionaires.


  19. I find the timing strange, why would you buy all those players for a certain system just to sack the manager almost immediately after the window closes

  20. he has no excuse to blow ass on D now. Garland is by far the best perimeter player he’s ever played with.

  21. Conley’s best season with the Jazz was not even close to the season Garland had last year. You could argue Conley’s best ever season was comparable to 2022 Garland

  22. Ik I’m just kidding, Conley wasn’t the same after Memphis

  23. Dude, you guys are in the now, Garland, Mobley, Allen. Now DMitch.


  25. There are no 60k vettes. Even if you pay "msrp" the dealership won't have one built without many options added as standard. Ask me how I know lol.

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