1. But they want everyone to respect them, their history and religion. The irony

  2. Just wandering, is it legal to film using your phone while driving in the USA? We get fined for even just holding it lol.

  3. Impressive. I'm level 20-something and trying to clear chapter 10. It's getting a bit repetitive and it's hard to stay motivated. Kudos to you for making it this far.

  4. Yea it’s getting boring, the same thing over and over for 15min per game.

  5. They didn’t use much force to toss it but it flew so high up in the air, which makes me think it’s not a real brick. A real brick is quite heavy and requires more effort to throw it that high up in the air, just my 2cents.

  6. It always impresses me that all those pipes and cables mean something to someone

  7. Around 2yrs ago, Some genius put a shovel through fibre optic cables that delivered internet to several melbourne suburbs. We were without internet for a couple weeks!

  8. Seriously, this is what euthanasia should be for. This man is prob in pain 24/7, basically is living a life of torture. If it was me, I would want to be put out of my misery

  9. You can ask their concierge/building management to give it a crack but as others have said, you seem to be in a pickle here.

  10. Concierge would keep the AirPods after they get handed in to him.

  11. I can’t watch more than 2min of DimWitte at a time, that annoying bitch voice and the utter shit that comes out his mouth makes me wanna punch his face through my computer monitor.

  12. Did they arrest the thug police responsible for beating her to death? They need to be locked up and held accountable!

  13. It’s already November 3rd in NYC? Time flies…

  14. That was a floating coffin from the moment it left pier.

  15. Anyone know why he didn’t veer off the road into the paddock and trees to avoid slamming into those cars? That would be my reflex reaction.

  16. That is so disappointing, a modern watch should not fade like that…but not a lot you can do, I bet AP will say it’s natural wear and tear…

  17. As soon as you see the scam, start filming for evidence, film his taxi ID, rego, what he says and the receipt. Also tell him if he doesn’t refund and make the correct charge u will call the taxi company to complain while u are still inside the cab. Not a lot to be done with just a receipt and your word, but still complain. Sorry u went through this

  18. I’d love to type out an entire book of how I did this car but the easiest for you would be to check out AMMO NYC on YouTube. He does a great job at visually showing you how to do the proper paint corrections among other things detail orientated.

  19. Would it be necessary to get a spray of cleat coat after this process?

  20. USA is basically like a third world shit hole, small pockets of wealth and the rest is rotten.

  21. Did this guy go diving in it or sit in a steam room with the crown not screwed down? That is a relatively new watch and the rubber gasket would still keep water out even if the crown was not screwed in while taking a shower.

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