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  1. The other cat is literally meowing “you dumb af bro”.

  2. Does it annoy you that Dimwitte finishes his sentences with “SO”.

  3. Get a Porsche. I know it’s not a R8 and I can imagine you are disappointed if that’s specifically what you wanted. I think getting a Porsche will put a smile on your face and forget the R8 quickly. With that budget you can get a fantastic new Porsche.

  4. Porsche and Audi are owned by the same parent company, so no loss for them at the end of the day. The current car market is BS.

  5. Just like Hong Kong: my mom told me that Rolex ownership isn’t anything special because every moderately successful dipshit had one.

  6. Even dudes on social security wears a Rolex in HK and SG.

  7. That’s a nice parking job if he drove that around the parking lot and into the spot with that fucked wheel

  8. That's normally what we do. But the police didn't want us talking to each other at all

  9. File an official complaint on that officer, usually there is a complaint form online or call to speak to his Sargent. Make sure u have his name and badge number

  10. i thought we got catnip for free, i dont recall needing to buy it. But, depends on your play style OP on if catnip is worth it. IMO the default character is actually stronger, but do what makes you happy - its a game after all :)

  11. How’s gonna get to those frisbee tournaments to creep out underage girls?

  12. It impossible to dodge his flying mobile phones! He is the most OP boss.

  13. USA is rotten from the inside out, spending trillions on wars but don’t have the funds to fix the health care system and people are literally been pushed out onto the street to die.

  14. He is high af look at his pinhole size pupil. You have to be brain dead to not see this guy is untrustworthy.

  15. What’s the thing to the right of meat pie?

  16. Their mannerisms remind me of polite Japanese people introducing themselves. So lovely and awesome.

  17. Hahaha I think u lost concentration because u wanted to look at the camera. But u looked cool throwing that javelin bro. Just enjoy yourself, u will find a sport u like.

  18. He also has an imaginary son that he is always swearing on that he is telling the truth lol

  19. this is a parody of OG psycho Karen

  20. ok but how did they do those eye thing?

  21. He has a medical condition that allows him to push his eyes out like that.

  22. The mom freaking out and crying made this 1000% more traumatic for the kid than it needed to be.

  23. this clip is a parody of an OG psycho Karen

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