A couple of Rep shoes, a couple of rep clothes, a few rep bags. A couple of real shoes, real clothes, and real luggage. Bro who cares where you get your stuff from, just wear it, weirdos will care but you shouldn’t worry about it. Love your life, can’t take any of the stuff w/ you anyways.

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  1. yo do you know the seller of that navy gallery dept tee or was it someone random? Link is dead so i'm trying to find it

  2. Tiktok fucktard shutcho ahh up aint nobody gonna help you

  3. And somehow the sub only gets less and less useful 😭

  4. The laziness state of this sub is actually fucked. I used to love browsing through fashionreps every day and see some new interesting finds or well-structured reviews. Nowadays ain’t nobody wanna do shit, these kids will ask the most basic questions instead of doing at least a little research. Posts filled with QCs and meme reviews for the same shit clothes and 0 effort. Fucking sad.

  5. Yo bro where did you get that gallery dept tee of 5th pic?🔥

  6. For the Louis Vuitton shorts, how do you know which design to select as there are no pictures? sorry kind of a newb.

  7. Package lost, contact Willis he’ll help you out

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