1. D'après la page Wikipedia (oui, je n'avais jamais entendu parler du gars), rien ne semble avoir été prouvé et le procès semble flou de chez flou... Suffisamment pour que la diplomatie française semble avoir voulu agir pour le libérer au plus vite.

  2. Il est drôle que l'appartenance à une organisation qui a pour but l'éradication de l'état d'Israël ne t'apparaisse pas comme automatiquement antisémite...

  3. Another common version is ב"ה, which stands for "barukh hashem," meaning "bless god."

  4. It's a tablet ive fitted to the front of the pc, functional as a 3rd monitor but mainly use it for aesthetic purposes or spotify etc

  5. What size is the tablet? That's a damn good idea.

  6. I think it's a 15" tablet? it's made by wimaxit

  7. I didn't know the expression in English... In French, it's "I've got other cats to whip"... I think I prefer the fish :)

  8. Dye sub paper, a new inkjet printer with dye sub ink, a custom heat press for sublimating the dye. It’s in the captions.

  9. Can you please give us some details about the printer? Thanks very much

  10. It’s a standard Epson printer with the Ecotank feature. You can salvage an old one but you have to clean out the tanks, I bought a new one and filled the tanks with Dye Sub inks from Amazon. The paper is special too, also from Amazon. The biggest thing is remembering to reverse the image when printing.

  11. Thanks very much for the detailed answer. Thus, the printer must remain dedicated to the task...

  12. Superb. It cannot be ironed again though, can it?

  13. I suppose these numbers are also limited to the US... The situation in France for example is really different, where the islamic (not necessarily islamist) problems are the main source.

  14. As far as i know it has the same meaning in Hebrew and English, but the common usage is i want to have a relationship with that person (could be friend, or romantic partner) just not have sex with them. Which is a useful definition for me because I have sex with my friends, so i need that distinction.

  15. on ne dit pas "si tu peux demandé", mais "si tu peux demander"

  16. oui bah je sais, je l'ai vu la faute juste j'men fou

  17. To be honest I just fixed the French syntax... I wasn't in a Magritte state of mind :p

  18. Chrismukkah is a somewhat jokey name used by some people who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, particularly when the two holidays overlap. (I think it’s originally from an episode of the OC or something?) I’m from a mixed background and the last night of Hanukkah this year was on Christmas Day, so I wanted to include a nod to my Jewishness in our Christmas dinner. This cheesecake seemed perfect, since it’s an originally Jewish recipe that is also popular at Christmas.

  19. Just Hyperion, as far as I know. Hope they release the rest at some point!

  20. It's not really the same concept as Squadrons, but I'm absolutely in love with Elite: Dangerous. I would definitely take a look and see if it'd be your cup of tea! There's plenty of dogfighting that can be done in Elite as well.

  21. Very nice build. I'm also really interested in the PCB generator... Any information on this? Thanks

  22. Look at your 'minimum layer time'. This setting can cause the printer to slow down when printing small layers like this, giving the filament more time to cool down before another layer is printed on top of it.

  23. This. I had the same problem and minimum layer time allowed for perfect details.

  24. Q: What’s the different between a Jewish mother and a pitbull?

  25. i believe it is Ulmo, Lord Of The Waters and King Of The Seas.

  26. Thank you very much. Didn't think of something in the silmarillion!

  27. Too bad. They are one of the reason you could feel "really nice" when you were there.

  28. Vraiment nécessaire de l'insulter directement ? Comment savez-vous si les accusations sont fondées ou pas ? Vous savez ce que c'est que la présomption d'innocence ?

  29. Oh pas besoin de présomption d'innonce pour savoir qu'il est un gros con, on a des années depuis 2013 de commentaires publics qui le prouvent

  30. Ca c'est votre avis. Pas besoin d'être ordurier comme ça , même si vous n'êtes pas d'accord avec lui.

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