1. Definitely keep at it! You’ve got my support! I feel pretty jealous of the folks who say they’re sleep immediately improved, but we’re all on our own journeys. IWNDWYT.

  2. Oh, I feel that jealousy hard! Waiting for the time when I lay down and just go to sleep instead of laying there wide awake.

  3. That podcast is really eye opening. Binge drinking alcohol is so common in the U.S. that it seems no one ever stops to consider the ramifications. It's been a big influence on me wanting to stay sober.

  4. That podcast got me big time, and I have been sober since I listened to it. Something clicked this time, and I think Huberman's podcast is what did it! IWNDWYT

  5. Ugh yeah I was like well at least when I quit drinking, I'll probably drop a few quick lbs... well once I fully get my footing on dry land I think diet needs to be tackled next... but realistically not til after the holiday one fight at a time.

  6. Me too. Zero weight loss. Had just gotten back to the gym a few weeks ago but had surgery last Friday so I'm out for a bit.

  7. Thank you for the reminder that winter doesn't last forever. I definitely needed to see that today, as I am heavy into the winter doldrums right now. Congrats on 6 months and IWNDWYT!

  8. Yay! Staying sober with you and all the kitties and doggos out there today :)

  9. Hey there. Just want to say that you are not alone. This is a very triggering time of year for me, as well, and I could always use a friend if you want to chat. Stick around and let's get through the holidays and the triggers and the mess and the pain sober.

  10. A couple of my coworkers talk about it a lot. I'll come out of a rough deadline and it's all, "you deserve a drink" yadda yadda. Plus my networking group always revolves around drinking, so I haven't been going to those for a while. Maybe someday, but not now!

  11. I completely relate to this. I am the exact same I’m glad I’m not the only one. I don’t know what to do to change it

  12. Neither do I. It is a big, seemingly ongoing struggle. We need a support group for this

  13. I'm finally going to listen to the fucking advice of this sub and stop making excuses and stop leaving the door a little bit open and stop entering the idea of a future with alcohol in it. God dammit. I'm angry and excited and fucking proud and ashamed and whatever, you know?

  14. You've got this! This is my first Christmas without wine...happy to not drink wine, or any alcohol with you this Christmas!

  15. This is fantastic! Congrats and thanks for sharing...two years is inspiring!

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