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  1. 24php per litre ata ung diesel samin that time. Sarap palaging nka full tank. Pro walaang mapuntahan hahahahah

  2. Tulfo redemption Arc na ba this? I hate the guy. Pro prang ginagalingan ah hahha

  3. Basta major pataas (lalo na 1 star) at napatay sa saksak, screenshot yan.

  4. How was your experience ? Playing sf. Dba capped sa 30fps? Adik na adik jan dati pro hnd q msikmura ngayun ung sa fps.

  5. Di ako aware sa fps nung lumang SF. Currently nakita ko sa settings 30fps lang. Yung luma bang SF mas mataas sa 30fps???

  6. Yun yung nd q sure. haha. Feel ko lg 30fps sya dati tlagang nababad na yung mata ko cguru sa 144 kaya prang masakit. Oo nkapglaro ako dati sarap kase hnd lag tpos daming players haha. Inggay nga lg ng mech kb sa imba2 hAHAH

  7. TIMS FB page posted a photo of Es and Morph. Could it means that gabbi is teaming up with him?

  8. A beautiful engine as they said. When you have no money to buy games, WC3 has every game you can ever have. Wanna play some chess? Yes we have that. Wants some Naruto fighting Fairy tail? We got that too.

  9. And we played TTW Tropical Tower Wars. 3v3 Classic game

  10. Make space? Nisha was basically the pos 1.

  11. The dude is so good he basically created space for himself.

  12. What if rtz gathered enough chinese from dove and move to CN? /s

  13. Became agnostic theist long time ago. Just treat religion as something that is just normal. My family is not really that religious we just celebrate normal christian holidays. Cant be more happier without parents pressuring us to do religious things haha

  14. thank you! Can you DM me your discord name?

  15. I swap the same hero 3x. Can confirm good nerf 👍

  16. Hi share ko lg. Ginagamit ko teamviewer then my settings dun na local network lg gagamitin pra almost no latency sya so kung swiswitch ako to work laptop alt tab lg.

  17. interesting, pero di ko ata magagawa yun kasi strict sa network settings yung work laptop ko eh, kaya mostly hardware-based lang kaya ko for switching display inputs

  18. Yup, meron nga akong narinig na ganyan yung officemate ko ayaw mg change settings kahit sa teamviewer lg so i think naka tsmba ung laptop ko kse pede hehe. And I think parehas kayo ng set up na my hub lg sya ata to for mouse and kb.

  19. If you are a Samsung user, may Samsung Pass na pre-installed sa phone. Try it, pwede mo lagay card details mo dun and protected sya by password/biometrics. Super useful sya for me. 🙂

  20. Thats the formula for secret. Just trilane reso becoz crystaliz always get sack. And just make sure reso win his lane.

  21. Stacking shelves and ang megabox drawer po. Psend pic then pde meet festive

  22. Yup, as the commenter below, I started out with 5$ per hr. And now pushing 7$ but Can still accept 5$ Depending on the tasks.

  23. Sa may datablitz sa sm may ara sadto. If pwede sa budget mas nami guro magkwa nlg sng fire tv or mibox kay pwede mo downloadan sng streaming apps na libre

  24. thank you! Cge2. research ko Mibox dw prme q a sya batian na alternative sa chromecast tv eh. thank you!!

  25. Yea heard about mibox. Dn na sya ayhan pde malantaw? nami mn sya?

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