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  1. Fuck fanatics in every way.. the are the absolute worst.. ruined the hockey jersey market.. now making their way into cards.. force a monopoly, lower the quality cause what other option is there and repeat

  2. Thank you, do you feel like thats a red flag and sticker labels are risky to be fraudulent? I believe most of the upper scale auto cards I’ve seen on eBay carry a PSA auto grade. It’s usually the card grade that’s missing if anything.

  3. I bet if you read the faq on how to submit from the website it'll tell you

  4. When did they start doing the thing where they put retired players in a set anyway? I remember as far back to 95 Donruss or so and up to that point they weren't putting retired players. Is this something that started in the early 2000s?

  5. They used to make dedicated retired players sets.. topps retired, sp legendary cuts, ud legends.. but it has slowly meshed into one big pot in order to keep interest in all collectors in all products

  6. We had fans in this subreddit calling this team trash and soft after losing 6 closely contested games (okay maybe the Isles game wasn’t that close) right after going on a 13 game heater.

  7. Nico should’ve dropped the gloves. He knows the code. Accident or not he injured Barkov. If anything the Devils not having someone fight for him made it worse.

  8. Tkachuk genuienly deserves a one game suspension for that. Complete bitch move when we go up 4-2.

  9. Is it a reprint though? The 1983 Mantle 311 was intended to be a reprint of the ‘52. I don’t believe the 2022 stadium club was intended to be a reprint of the 2013.

  10. They're using reprint as "printed after playing career"

  11. Vitek and daws are good goalies but they dont win games on their own

  12. If you compare it to optic, Prizm, mosaic, it is a lower end product

  13. If you don't believe me look at comps. Higher end products are always more sought after hence why they are more expensive.

  14. I don't need to.. I didn't get introduced to cards in 2020

  15. If you don't say your card is short printed how will it sell?

  16. Honestly tickets would be good.. trying being interestee in the team and games.. gonna be fun for the next few years

  17. I allow my assistant gm to do the minors and they've actually found some real monster managers

  18. I thought it was larger for Hispanic night lmao

  19. Are you claiming a player doesn't get assessed penalty minutes if the other team scores during the delayed penalty?

  20. the entire penalty is negated, so yes.. show me where it says different

  21. Where what says different? You're the one making the crazy claim. If a team scores halfway through a power play does the opposing player only get assessed 1 penalty minute? He gets 2 regardless when the other team scores. Delayed penalties are no different.

  22. completely different.. this is a NEGATED penalty.. it never happened essentially.. that is a POWER PLAY goal.. are we taking crazy pills here?

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