1. agreed, had to use mobile to finally make my order go through

  2. Lets me check out if I want to. Looks to be $65 shipped to the US.

  3. shows sold out when adding to cart for pc and mobile currently

  4. So odd. I can add to cart and check out on PC and mobile. US-based. Signed into my account on the site.

  5. I will say, I was able to order the stranger in the alps obi edition from the same store, odd but for whatever reason I can't add Punisher (Canada based)

  6. A few hours ago, I went to preorder this and noticed that the self-titled Limited Edition Vinyl (foil cover, clear/splatter vinyl) was available, and I snatched that up in a second.

  7. It's possible I guess but I was sure that one was long sold out. Hope you got it!

  8. These can’t be sold online till the day after RSD. It’s part of the agreement to be a RSD store .

  9. good point, the day after links are what I'm remembering

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