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  1. Nope they both work on different receptors, Psilocybin, lsd and mescaline all work on the same receptors so you can build a somewhat cross tolerance but I'm almost positive dmt and 5meo work on completely different ones ...... could be wrong tho

  2. Why the fuck anyone gives this ass hole the time of day anymore is beyond me

  3. BE SLH is near the top for Ohio flower, for me at least. Patiently waiting for next drop.

  4. I love me some slh, top fav strains only shortly behind amnesia haze , blue dream, tangerine kush and any land race sativa

  5. Face down, ass up that's they way I loved getting fucked lol sorry couldn't help it 😅

  6. As a trans sex worker I know 80% of my clients where ride or die right wing Trump supporters

  7. I have dealt with eczema on and off my whole life and would love yo know this Also .....

  8. Hate will only lower your vibrations and keep you in pain , we only move forward and evolve with love

  9. The way I get though this world is , I see everyone on the planet , including myself as kids. None of us know why we are here or what we should be doing, you don't get mad at a child for running into you at the store .....

  10. Fascinating. I’ve explained Reddit’s obsession with boofing to my wife before and she finds it quite humorous, maybe I can convince her to help.

  11. I bought a lube injecter syringe and just mix some rso into a tiny bit of coconut oil and melt it slightly then suck up into lube injector and lay on my side with one leg slightly higher than the other and insert then inject solution and DONT MOVE FOR AT LEAST 10 MINS

  12. I stuck my own finger up my ass and tried to swirl it around a bit. I can’t tell if it did anything in terms of getting me high but my butthole felt surprisingly relaxed, 7/10 would recommend

  13. It's not going to get you a Psychoactive high only body buzz

  14. Just wanted to say I love you and hope you have an amazing life full of live and joy 😊

  15. You're damn right I wouldn't. And neither would they, or indeed you for that matter. Or anyone. What else would explain the fact that it never happens?

  16. I love yalls response but you couldn't be further from the truth

  17. Lol OK I guess I'm at the will of a random stranger on a social media platform

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