Post-Match Thread: Arsenal vs. Spurs (1 Oct 2022)

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  1. You joke, but Pakistan is on course to hold cricket events in the near future.

  2. Only thing more is probably hating yourself, if I did anything with the passion of how much I despise myself I could defeat God probably

  3. I literally have a backlog of 400 in something games and just no desire at times. That's just ps4/ps5

  4. 400 is crazy, mine would be like 80-90, but yeah just no desire. I keep getting the ps+ games, big and small, every month which I'll probably never play

  5. That's were a lot come from and them when games go on sale stupid cheap during various sales. I've always been one to wait on aaa games to go on sale to get them u less it's like a franchise I love.

  6. Yeah same, I only bought a few games full price when I first got the PS4, since then it's been all sales

  7. Same with me. If I have to play a game for too long I'm gonna get bored and stop enjoying it. And if I don't have too much time to play, that's going to end up happening with a long game.

  8. It is a game problem for some people. If the above commenter is anything like me (12 hour job, 2 young kids, pregnant wife) then he might have 2 hours a week to play. 40 hour game would take 20 weeks (half a year) to finish. Not only there's not a lot of games that can hold your attention for half a year, by week 8 i don't remember how to control the game.

  9. I'm not as extreme as that, but full time job + wife means I get about 1-2 hours a day, and a few on the weekend. So a 40 hour game can take a month or so. I also love 10-12 hour games, or even upto 20hours. But 40+ is so long

  10. who is this Nuno Esposito Santo?

  11. Lmao I opened the comments for the same confusion wondering if it's Nuno Espirito Santo or if it was someone else. You're the only comment I've seen mentioning it

  12. I watched it and loved it, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey were amazing. But I can't say it's the best season of TV ever like others do

  13. Don’t know what to say if you seriously think Fraser Forster should be starting over Hugo Lloris.

  14. I want to see Forster but no way is he better than Lloris. Want to see him the domestic cups

  15. A nice homemade tea is my goto - honey, lemon, cayenne pepper and a coupel drops of apple cider vinegar. Always does the trick for me.

  16. Black tea with that stuff? Or do you just mix that all up in some hot water and drink?

  17. I just mix it with hot water most of the time. Sometimes I'll throw a bag of green tea in with it.

  18. Interesting, gonna save that to try next time I'm sick, thanks

  19. I remember drogba being very influential in trying to stop a civil war in ivory coast

  20. He wasn't a politician or a leader, just a very famous/influential citizen using his fame for good, as a footballer. He did run for or become president of the Ivory Coast FA though I think

  21. Breaking Bad alone I agree, but after Better Call Saul I can definitely say that the combo of these two series is up there with The Wire and Sopranos.

  22. Yeah I loved BCS more than breaking bad personally. Can't bring myself to watch the last season though since I'm starting to hate Saul and Kim and I don't want to watch them do bad things to Howard

  23. Drop everything you're doing and just go and watch it. The finale of BCS is simply phenomenal. Easily the best show of the last 10 years.

  24. I had the same problem with Breaking Bad tbh. I couldn't watch the last season because by then I hated Walter. Same with BCS and Saul/Kim. I'm going to watch it eventually though

  25. Thanks for reminding me of that. I said to the wife the ref would show a yellow after the play stopped. Nope.

  26. Yeah that was bizarre, okay he played advantage, but I can't believe he didn't show the yellow at the stop of play

  27. What?! Have you never met a dog or child?! Lol I feel like those are 2 things that could also be described as adorable and obnoxious

  28. Cats too, I say as my cat finishes her meal and promptly ignores my existence

  29. Everyone wants their cake and to eat it too.

  30. I am also into privacy and security and tend not to post stuff online, although I do have an FB page with some old photos/comments and a LinkedIn, mostly for job purposes and so people can contact me. Would love to have some more tips on staying private and secure

  31. Interesting, thanks! There's always a subreddit haha

  32. And I felt bad for leaving my TV on standby for a couple of hours.

  33. They use almost no power on standby these days.

  34. That's what I thought too, that's why I didn't feel too bad about it

  35. Waiting to see Chelsea play under Potter again feels like I'm a kid who has a present coming in the mail but it's a 3 week delivery and now it's finally set to arrive. Here's hoping it doesn't turn up broken.

  36. Well now I pay for Amazon prime and they deliver everything in 2 days so it's not the same lol

  37. Yeah I thought about going back and editing in "when I order something from AliExpress" lol.

  38. Getting off caffeine is one of the best things you can do for your health.

  39. Coffee i get, but tea? I don't think I could live without 2-3 cups a day just to fill me up with something warm. It's not the caffeine for me, I had decaf for a while, just tastes like shit

  40. I used to work on a trading floor when i was younger. My desk was the closest one to the womens toilet. Constantly they would be vindictive and intentionally clogging toilets until shit water would seep out from under the door. I remember being mortified and the eldest woman on the floor (my boss) would just shake her head in disappointment.

  41. That was the same tactic a former American general used to communicate with his biographer/affair partner. That's how I learned it's not as safe as it sounded lol


  43. If it's between consenting adults who the fuck cares. Everybody needs to stop being the morality police for victimless "crimes".

  44. Yes thank you. Siblings making a kid okay, I can see because you don't want the kid having birth defects. But really after second/third cousins who really cares

  45. Morally? You could say it's not good socially, but it's not really morally wrong unless you're siblings making a baby because of inbreeding and diseases. But like if you're second/third/whatever cousins I don't see a big deal

  46. Is anyone feeling scared for Saturday? I’m not, I’m confident we’ll get the 3 points but that’s just me.


  48. That's the right attitude! I felt that same hope last year when Lamela scored that rabona nutmeg Puskas-winner. Unfortunately didn't end too well that time

  49. Interesting how the mark for "succeeding" is semis for Euros, just so Spain get in.

  50. Less about succeeding more about comparing their performance relative to others

  51. But why is semi finals in green, and quarters in red?

  52. I just figured all the reds were worse performances than Spain, green is equal or better

  53. yes you can either make your own manager or use a real one now

  54. That's great! I was waiting for that feature for the longest time

  55. Yeah it was a great conclusion. Really liked it. Though I hadn't watched all the previous films

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