Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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  1. Also, unlike usual, this Montage is in order. So the first goal you see is my number 10, and the last goal is my goal of the season.

  2. I watched on mobile and the extra info at the bottom was a bit too small and hard to read specially on the dignitas one. Didn’t even notice them until I read this comment lol but I really enjoyed the transitions! Flashy but clean at the same time

  3. The previous best was 16 lbs. his total was 33. That’s greedy.

  4. Second place was at like 23ish if I remember correctly. But obv they don’t know what the other people r gonna be at previous to the weight in. Still greedy tho

  5. Ireland is huge for pharma and chemicals so it's probably Lilly etc importing those products

  6. I work in logistics and I’ve lost count how many pharma and chemical companies I’ve reached out to in Indiana alone. This doesn’t surprise me at all that’s our main import

  7. Don‘t forget Axeltoss like this.

  8. I have a decently sized list of people I would cut before Gregan

  9. This is super interesting. Are you a born German who enjoys reggaeton or Latina living in Germany?🤔 and how did you discover the genre?

  10. I’d pay good money for a full font of these style. Think about it!

  11. I realized the typo right after I posted it, but Reddit's stupid post rules won't let me edit the title. I don't like it either.

  12. Is this video edited or time lapsed? The water transitions are in real life time or added multiple clips in normal time to how it leveled up? The transitions if real are blowing my fucking mind right now lol

  13. Does this clip bring anyone joy? This just saddens me, yes I know what sub I'm in

  14. Yea this shits sad af. Is no wonder kids grow up hating life and mad at the world when they’re just tryna be themselves. Also why does it seem like in all these school fights videos no one is ever doing anything. When I went to high school everyone always had their notes or a book out. Yes I went to a public high school. Every single one of these fights seems everyone is just kinda hanging out doing whatever lol

  15. Not if you make a wage at a job that simply pays without any questions. Which is exactly the only type of work they’d be able to look for to remain under the radar. That’s income completely untaxed because they “don’t exist” and the IRS doesn’t come knocking. The moment our tax dollars pay for their public transit, we are effectively running a charity service. We all must, no matter how big or how small, bring something to the table for our country. It’s the price of enjoying its opportunities. That’s all I’m saying. Everybody can come if they want to, but at least do it the right way. Not saying that’s easy, but it is right.

  16. You couldn’t be more wrong lol Cubans are protected as soon as they land feet in us soil. They get documents and ids within like a month or 3. There’s no such a thing as ilegal cubans. They get asylum and permission to work as soon as they go to an immigration office.

  17. I’m in gc2 and I’ve never seen another rank where after 1 goal in the first minute of the game people will leave the match or start throwing. Gc2 is one of the most toxic ranks because as you said everyone is trying to get to ssl and many people think their teammates are the only thing holding them back from ranking up and they don’t look at anything they do wrong, only what their teammates do wrong

  18. In gc a single goal can be incredibly hard to tie. Obviously not a reason to quit. But most of my games literally come down to a 1 goal difference usually by a silly mistake or bad read and the whole match is a shoot out bloodbath or ping pong the entire match. At least for 3v3.. so I can see how it can be tilting. I stop for a quick second to take a deep breath but then I keep playing lol now in 2v2 is a different story.

  19. Pero acaso los vio haciendo algo? Por que empezó la pelea? Lol

  20. For scale: every single planet, including the gas giants, can fit between the earth and the moon

  21. Wait what.. the entire length of between the planets of our solar system can fit between the earth and the moon?🤨

  22. No kidding. The only equipment they're giving their draftees right now are their uniforms and their rifles. Everything else, from tourniquets to sleeping bags and even socks, has to be supplied by the soldiers themselves. That's outright medieval.

  23. The color theme is eh, but I think it will play incredibly well on Infinite.

  24. The color scheme is absolute dog shit and an insult to the OG map.

  25. He admits to being a creep after a breakup... Definitely not appropriate

  26. Clearly you never been in a bad break up. He said the out of context texts made him seem like a creep and the girl he was seeing spread the word about him being a creep. Not that he creeped on multiple women

  27. Dam I just realized jack can't click bait with oKhalid anymore, unless falcons move to NA too that is

  28. Lol my first thought too. I hope jack paid okhalid. The amount of farming with his name was unreal

  29. You really didn’t think this through before you posted huh? Lol

  30. One dude literally said to a woman “you’re violating my rights” over her wearing a hijab… speechless

  31. OW2 will completely takeover OW1. Blizzard is taking away a game we paid for and shoving OW2 down our gullets.

  32. Has any other game dev done this? Like what’s the reason for that? Seems super weird to me

  33. For real, turbo literally won worlds for NA but show me someone who doesn't consider him an EU player

  34. He’s been here way too long. I consider him NA now lol

  35. I’d think Garrett retires before squishy does 🤔

  36. So is jack really moving to NA? Or what’s the deal? Why couldn’t dig just build a team around jack? Why the need to leave? Someone smarter than me enlighten me

  37. That’s kind of insane lol why the hell would u want to leave when you’re in the best paying org and are willing to work with you… like what? Lol smh how is dig looking wrong here? 🤦‍♂️ but whatever. Thanks for the explanation!

  38. Yes sponsorships would mean predictable revenue stream and help with profits. Also, operating one business at a loss can be used to offset taxes on his profitable streaming/YouTube/other businesses, so it’s not a total goose egg

  39. This has got to be it lol I know he’s set for life with money but no way you’re cool losing 6 figures a month just for fun if he didn’t benefit somehow🤣

  40. I’m not sure about that. Charlie’s definitely the kinda guy to do this. He gave out a 30,000 dollar prize to a person who beat a gaming challenge simply because he wanted to see it be beaten. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just sunk a ton of money into it because he genuinely wants to support his players, even if it means losing money.

  41. One time 30k is much different than monthly 100k though

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