1. Lol love it when this happens, how my rage turns to ‘oh never mind’ so fast!

  2. 57.5k worth of packs for spending 15k? That’s a really good return. Complain about pack weight not draft rewards.

  3. My bad, I was thinking of the pack with 12 items and one rare - that reward haunts me.

  4. Lowest division player in the Xbox party got Mane, hmm..

  5. And here it is, the new chem system is now more restrictive than the last. Double boosts for each star is crazy

  6. Quitting while drawing in a competitive match should result in a 5 - 10 minute gameplay ban. A system that exists in countless other competitive games

  7. Elite division untradeable rewards and rank 2/3 champs rewards every week - no icons packed.

  8. Daniel Sturridge. They added his gold card randomly earlier in the year so I was hoping that would mean a nostalgic promo card at some point

  9. Roberto Carlos purely for his outrageous free kicks

  10. Is anyone else struggling with the fact that they can submit a 90+ SBC squad quite easily but anything <87 is difficult? I’d genuinely consider turning in a high rated squad just for a massive pack of gold rares.

  11. This should be somewhere on the front of the card as a ‘flex’ to other players. I already know what players I’ve packed and what players I’ve bought.

  12. And who exactly is impressed by your pack luck?

  13. Impressed probably isn’t the right word but I’d find it interesting for sure if I saw someone with a rare first owned player.

  14. Hero SS Di Natale. Sold him for 2.2m a couple of weeks ago - he’s now 200k.

  15. I think backing out while drawing in a competitive game mode should result in a 5 minute matchmaking ban which compounds for consecutive offences.

  16. sorry if I’m just being dense but isn’t the new chem system more restrictive than before?

  17. The ‘boiling down to how big the stat boosts are’ is a significant point - if the stat boost differences are huge then people are obviously going to go for 3 stars or ‘full chem’ and it appears as though this is actually more difficult to do with hybrid teams than it is currently in 22 - this will result in a more restrictive system and seemingly go against their intentions for the change. Alternatively, if the stat boost differences between stars are negligible and can be ignored with little downside then what’s the point in the system in the first place? Really interested to see how it looks at launch because this system is odd right now.

  18. I think it's just going to depend on what the difference between each Chem point is. If the difference is a +7 per stat then it's going to be a bunch of monotonous teams. If full Chem is +3 and 0 Chem is base stats then it's not going to make much difference. Having a better quality player on 0 Chem is going to outweigh a boxed in option on full Chem. But if it's the same as the difference between 4 Chem and 10 Chem currently then it's just going to be same nation/league 99% of the time

  19. If the chem boosts are anything mote than +1 per star like you say then it’s going to force people to go for 3 stars or ‘full chem’ which unfortunately seems more difficult to do than on 22, therefore resulting in us being significantly limited in our squad creativity. If the chem boost differences are only +1 per star however then what’s the point in the system at all if the stat differences are negligible and can just be ignored. Struggling to see where they will go with and and like you can only see it as being more restrictive.

  20. Yeah I hope that a striker with hunter and 3 chem will only get like +6 pace at most. 2 stars should give +4 pace, and 1 star +2 pace.

  21. I’d argue that anything more than an extra 1/2/3 stats per star would really restrict peoples team choices if they’re trying to play competitively. Assuming 0 stars gives 0, a +6 stat difference compared to 3 stars is insane.

  22. Yeah you're probably right. I've always argued that the stat boosts offered currently are way too high. I think a max +3 Stat boost for 3 chem is enough.

  23. It’s strange, it’s either going to have to be insignificant stat boosts to aid squad creativity (if so what’s really the point in the system), or significant stat boosts that will simply result in people making full chem teams which is only possible it seems by having less creative teams than possible in 22. Hopefully they explain it a little better because I’m not seeing the upsides at the moment.

  24. This whole ‘no negative stats’ rationale doesn’t sit right with me as an excuse to justify sacrificing 3 stars for squad creativity. Yes my player might not lose stats but I’d still be negatively impacted against someone who has 3 stars on all players and if I’ve got a squad full of 1s and 2s. Currently I can get players on max chem and therefore max stats using 2/3 other players from the same team, league or nation but now you need significantly more - how is this less restrictive? The only way I can see this system leading to improved squad flexibility is if the stars have a very limited impact on stats, a 0 for 0 stars, + 1 for one star, + 2 for 2, +3 for 3 for example. Anything more than this and players will prioritise chemistry as they have always done - so why the change?

  25. I really don’t see how this is palatable, surely icons need to be giving everyone chem.

  26. If you’re after the most meta player it’s CR7 for sure. If you’re after a pure nostalgia trip and the rare moment of using arguably the most valuable fifa card go R9.

  27. Cruyff and fodder packs. Sell my PIM Cruyff > fodder for Pele SBC > sell my PIM Pele > buy PIM R9.

  28. This is funny because when I use Alisson my opponent has 0.7xG and scores 4 (wish I was exaggerating).

  29. I’ve PIM Puskas, prime Cruyff, TOTS Ronaldo but still I’m just not motivated to play this game at all

  30. Not so sure about that argument this year. We’ve had offered to us via SBC or free via swaps (just to name a few):

  31. I agree and think that those SBCs have been good but still think they’re leaving it a bit late with the real big boys - they could change my mind by releasing them in a week or so.

  32. I’m having problems managing to party up with my ps5 friends, has this issue been acknowledged? Essentially invites aren’t being sent or received by ps5 users it seems when trying to party up with XB.

  33. In his first interview as Liverpool manager.

  34. The player switching AI on this game is horrendous. It feels like it’s actively trying to switch to CBs as a last resort and it’s not too helpful when someone is sprinting at your goal.

  35. My club has honestly been begging for a top tier SBC for ages, happy that putting players into this has allowed me to open packs again without the fear of duplicate untradeable walkouts

  36. Just remember that your rank realistically does not impact your rewards, you’re not getting red Mbappe or packing any icons.

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