1. Just curious…Wi-Fi isn’t dependable on cruises, so recommendations?

  2. You prayed for a sign…you got it. Now you proclaimed you are Agnostic. Wow…

  3. MSC has waived the double fee on solo cruises until May 23. Get a balcony and save your $f$

  4. Somehow I get the cheaters… one came home with his shirt inside out at 5a. One butt dialed me and I cud hear their conversation, another one was on my laptop signed in to a dating website when he left the room I saw it. Another one had an email address in his visor in his truck from a girl at a convenience store. All men cheat imo. It’s just if you catch ‘em.

  5. Yes, I rarely eat at any cruise buffet. Depending on the cruise line, other option are: Room service, Main dining room, specialty options are also available, depending on the cruise lines and ship.

  6. Did she just now wake up?? I mean this has been going on now for 2 years. Like now all of sudden she speaks up?

  7. SYD/LAX? Totally! Anything is better than Coach! That’s a great deal!

  8. Elderly! Ha! Listen. Sonny boy… things you do better when you travel later in life. Avoid same day travel, nonstop flights only if you can. Never fly budget airlines. Splurge for First Class or Comfort class. Travel by train once in awhile. No more getting tipsy on planes. Buy your alcohol and save it for later once you arrive. Experience culture while you visit your destination. Take more cruises, always arrive a day early and plan an extra day back at home to recover. Travel & pack light. Buy what you need instead of packing & carry more than you need. No heels..comfy shoes only. Always arrive early at the airport…no more rushing thru airports being stressed out. Be tech sauvey. Everything is digital. Set up a cam so you can watch your home security & pets while your away. Splurge and pamper yourself….what you used to spend on partying, now gets spent on luxuries. Eat & discover local eateries instead of blowing your money on junk food. Always have TSA entry and Lounge access at airports. Be loyal and stay only with hotels that provide you with points and have the finer bedding you deserve. Relax and slow down.

  9. I was on this ship last week. If she went off the 15th deck that’s like the Lido deck. It’s crazy high up, so pretty hard fall.

  10. It’s amazing how different people can travel on this ship and have a completely different experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the ship. It was very classy. I was shocked by my modern room accommodations. I had a deluxe balcony, with a full bathtub in my bathroom! Now, I’ve never had that before. I loved having a stocked mini bar. So convenient. My coke was oversized can for $3.25. Very reasonable. Loved it! My room Stewart stocked my room twice daily with a full ice bucket and was so kind. Cruise buffets are all bland and I come prepared to buy the specialty dining to experience better food and dining experience. I chose MSC to get away from the type of cruise passengers that over drink and are loud. My experience was just what I expected. My fav spot was in the Sky Lounge over looking the ship with Live Jazz. I loved that they played the NFL game on the big screen. You won’t find that on other cruises. Yes, there are some things that were not so great. But for my experience, I found it relaxing, I got my deck chair every day, enjoyed the spa. Made new friends and can’t wait to cruise again with MSC! Fabulous price…maybe I will splurge and upgrade!

  11. Never Weird…I just got back from cruising on the Valor in Sept and the Spirit last week. Heading this weekend to MSC to check out their ship. I’ve traveled all solo! You will love it! Go now before all the rates double up! MSC has waived their single supplement fee till May.

  12. Be Leary of upgrades….usually they are the least desired cabins. I had an interior room Rivera deck, took the upgrade to ov. Got my room on the first night discovered it was directly under the Red Frog Pub that had live music till 12a. Heard Boom Boom Boom and lots of chairs skootin around. Luckily I got my room changed the next day! Thank goodness! Always book a guarantee cabin and do your research on the decks above!

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