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I needed this today

  1. Make sure your sequence video settings match.

  2. ADR stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement. This is the process of recording dialogue in a studio after filming to replace the initially recorded lines on set. This is usually due to bad sound quality recorded in the take that production wants to use in the finished product.

  3. Coffee, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, looking at nature, youtube and reddit.

  4. Early marketing for a new Black Mirror Episode, I hope.

  5. I had a similar issue once, if you are using an external drive, try swapping out the cable. Also, make sure you are using a fast port on your computer.

  6. Tested mostly all of these tricks. Last guess is nvidia's latest drivers. Updated them on both computers a little ago. Going to test older driver versions when i remember how it was done

  7. Great idea, I totally forgot to mention checking that. That has saved me in the past as well. Also, in case you don't already know, Premiere/Adobe endorses the Nvidia 'studio' drivers over the 'gaming' drivers. Let us know if you figure it out.

  8. Wow greatly appreciate the detail explanation and answer.

  9. Yes. And it is usually better to edit in ProRes for a multitude of reasons.

  10. I noticed Premiere crashing all the time. It will hang and be unresponsive when I open/use another app on my Windows 10 PC. This just started happening and rebooting etc. does nothing to fix.

  11. Im sorry to hear this, what version are you on and how much memory - RAM do you have allocated to Premiere Pro vs other apps in preferences?

  12. I downgraded and it still was crashing then I upgraded back to 22.62 and it stopped crashing. I have 64 GB of RAM and allocate all but 8 GB to Premiere.

  13. In my experience I find it best to go to set if possible and be very nice and speak with whomever it is that needs feedback. Avoid going through their non technical boss when possible. Also, don't post on reddit that they are rather amateur, just say things have yet to be straightened out. :). And always ask for more b-roll. :)

  14. Also, If you happen to have a high res or highly compressed file near that area you might want to make a proxy.

  15. Sounds like you could possibly have a file or FX with an issue near that part of your timeline. Try removing any suspect files near that time one by one and see if it fixes it. We had some alpha layer graphic files causing issues, once we deleted them from the timeline, re-created them and re-imported them, it seemed to fix the lag.

  16. An addition of a simple DAW that allows us to change the tempo of a song, or quantize to a time signature would be so great! Imagine being able to lay down high hats on the timeline with linked video clips and then being able to quantize them to 16th notes, then slide the tempo until the duration of your song equals a specific time length like 27 seconds. I cut and score music for commercials and often need to go back and forth to my DAW to tweak the tempo to match a new length. Would be nice if a DAW was integrated into a NLE someday. This would give a much higher quality tempo change than just using time stretch maintain pitch fx, etc. Would also love to see an automatic pitch detection and match. So you can quickly retune say, a drone ambient sfx so it doesnt clash with the key of the music being scored. But please dont do any of this until Premiere is good and stable, that should be priority over feature adds. :)

  17. Slightly off topic, but, Im looking to hire a consultant or someone to help go over our "premiere productions" for similar and other quirks, please dm me if u are an expert in 'productions' bonus if u know nexis. Super bonus if you are in Los Angeles.

  18. You could toss a blanket or sheet over him to catch him, maybe? Do you have any large cardboard boxes? If you can get him in a box, put in a dish with some water, then put a sheet over the box to keep it dark and put it somewhere that won’t get too hot. Then see if you can get him to a rehabber.

  19. You might want to add a few sponges to act as a couch, maybe some seeds, and an old phone across from the couch, positioned as a small tv. I belive they like music videos from Counting Crows, though some older birds may prefer muisc by the Black Crows. If you do not have an extra phone, try reading poetry from Edgar Allen Poe.

  20. If it plays audio in the timeline but not in the source window, you may have just added the video to the source monitor and not the audio. Make sure they are both the audio and video highlighted (also great if they are linked) especially if you are clicking on them to add them to the source monitor. If the video is unlinked and you just click the video on the timeline to add to the clip playback source monitor (usually the top left window) , you will get no audio in the source monitor. You can also check your Audio clip mixer in the source window.

  21. We may have been the first US TV show to use Wipster, and they have been solid for us since the start. We have used them for hundreds of episodes, their team has always been responsive, and they even re-wrote some code for us. We would probably still use them if we weren't just approving in the bay.

  22. Thanks for the fast response! Yea, the nice adobe chat person told me that as well, I was considering being adventurous and trying this link if I can't find the original instal files.

  23. Oh I don’t pay attention to the progress bar for that, I’ve see it just stay at one number like 45% for 30+ mins, I get up to grab a snack and in that 10 mins it’ll finish. It is what it is.

  24. I excluded all unused clips, did it again only using the sequences needed. My guess is it was a corrupted file or sequence. I see some of the h264 files are now corrupted upon copy. Not the end of the world. I also noticed a program that was written by another company since the Project Manager feature does not work very well, anyone ever use Plume Pack?

  25. I have trashed preferences, did not seem to help.

  26. Find unique sample sets or virtual instruments that inspire you or stir your soul and buy as needed. It may cost more, but it's less overwhelming and more motivating.

  27. We used to have a sign in our car with a flashing light that said help. People would pull over and give you a ride to a gas/repair station. A nice family even let us stay with them and use the phone at their house when I was a kid in the 80s. There were also call for help phones on the highway sometimes.

  28. Sorry if you have tried this - but make sure your edits/cuts are not on the edges of the video files - you need to have 'video handles' (extra video beyond the cut points) to make most transitions work since they need to overlap.

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