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LPT: When you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, angry, etc with yourself, visualize your brain as a separate character. Give it a face and body if you like. Imagine what it is doing when you are overwhelmed. Then speak to it and empathize with it.

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  1. Plot twist: the uncrustables enthusiast is actually a teacher.

  2. Yeah it’s not the governments fault he just needs a new chip guy.

  3. I get the desire to have regulation, but I have yet to see the government of the US help much, in terms of regulation, i.e., ridiculous tuition hikes due to the government "helping".

  4. If it's any consolation, had you actually had them and kept track of them, you'd have probably cashed them in or whatever as soon as it hit being worth around $100. Nobody could have seen the peak coming that far in advance, and you'd have always been thinking "this has got to be it".

  5. Alternatively, you used them for.... Things, like I did. I once had 6 BTC in my wallet and spent them just a quickly.

  6. The first one is like a mix of Munch and Pollock

  7. I already eat beef tongue, so what’s a little bit of salivary glands too then?

  8. It could be made of hoof scrapings or literal human flesh, if it tastes solid, IDGAF.

  9. The one thing I'm perplexed about is... How big are beef salivary glands and lymph nodes and how many are needed to make a sausage?

  10. Human beings have an absurd amount of lymph nodes, being almost heavier than our brain

  11. Eh, those philosophers are right and certainly have a place within a fulfilling worldview. But you have to remember that we all waste time and none of us are "living life to the fullest" like some might have you believe. Remember that those philosophies are good for exposing our own illusions so that we can create a meaningful life of our own making

  12. Absolutely. Live your life however you want, but I would highly suggest a self inquiry practice, to what ever degree of rigorousness you can possibly tolerate, because you will be surprised at exactly how much of your life is essentially autopilot, or even stuff that is inherently contrary to what you think you believe

  13. If you're doing everything right and still gaining weight, I'd suggest counting calories for a while. Get a fitness tracker, download whatever app comes with it, and log your food on it. Don't log the small stuff because that's annoying, instead set a goal 250-500 calories below your real goal and skip logging condiments and other things that are relatively minor. You might not lose weight right away, but keep it up (with occasionally cheat days, maybe 5 a month, because life happens - but keep the overage reasonable) and you'll definitely improve on a monthly basis.

  14. Weight loss or gain is 75% diet and 25% exercise, and that's generally if you are relatively sedentary, in the first place

  15. What do you mean finally? There are declassified schematics of actual downed craft from like the 1940s-1950s

  16. You can also see visuals from flashing lights. But imo they could never compare to what you see on L and especially DMT or Psilocybin.

  17. I mean, technically all experiences are basically just that. I et what you're saying, though. I would highly suggest you read "Psychedelic Information Theory".

  18. They're also so far up the food chain that they accumulate mercury that is absorbed in small quantities by the other fish they eat.

  19. Mmm, the flavor of accelerated stupidity.

  20. You can talk to her anytime. Just call her name & trust me she will hear you. If you want to hear her, contact a medium or someone who does channeling.

  21. It depends on whether they are still around, that form. Honestly, My Hope for all of my dead friends is that they were open and aware enough of their situation to not have much of a reason to stick around, at all

  22. What do you mean "stick around"? As in ghosts? I'm not talking about communicating with some who is "sticking around", I'm talking about communicating with someone who is in the after-life. Unless they have been reincarnated which very very few do straight away (or soon) in which case you wouldn't be able to communicate with them. But you'd still be able to find out that information.

  23. Depends on what you believe. I think it has a lot to do with what level of evolution their soul was at, and your best bet either way is probably focused meditation. If they are able to communicate with anyone, I would venture to bet that you, personally will have the best luck. Ths bardos can be mighty distracting and confusing, though, or I so hear.

  24. I find it usually self-corrects when the reasonable humans start to get off work.

  25. Just like dad is not babysitting, he's parenting.

  26. I mean, when any individual is spending their time watching children, I would consider it babysitting. Even if they are your own kids and you are a stay-at-home mom, the same way you are cleaning, whether the mess is yours or someone else's, you are still babysitting. Maybe I am misunderstanding some undertone of the way people use the term, but that's the way I've always understood it, not as a task you are assigned to do for someone else's children, just a task you are in the process of

  27. Babysitting is a job. Something you do usually for money or because you offered to help a family member/friend or because it’s been asked of you. It’s something you do for people to help out, and then you get to go home. You get to leave and at some point you get to hand responsibility of the child you were looking after, back to their parents. You get to give the child back. Parenting is part of life. You don’t get to hand your child over to anyone, you don’t get to “go home and give back responsibilities”, those children are yours and you keep that responsibility 24/7. Parenting is not just your job, but it’s your life. Babysitting is a job or a favor you do for someone. You’re watching someone’s child and then you can give that child back and you can go home. Parenting is 24/7. There’s a big difference.

  28. Alright. I will keep this in mind. has the top as "to take watchful responsibility over a child", but Webster seems to agree. Either way, not a grenade I want to throw myself on.

  29. ...are you familiar with friendships?

  30. it also helps if you do this but visualize a toddler version of yourself and talk them down, our brains are usually wired to like and care for little humans and it helps and is calming to do this when overwhelmed

  31. The best part about this is that is literally what you are doing, since a majority of the programming you currently carry around is stuff that you either randomly picked up or was simply spontaneously generated, that happened to work the first time around, and likely never got a second thought. It's absolutely unbelievable just how little self-awareness a grotesquely significant majority of human beings have of themselves.

  32. briefly glancing at the article it looks like its more about eye shape rather then eye color.

  33. And is incredibly lacking. Even though I am only about 3/16 chippewa, I have the most native eyes and cheekbones I have ever seen on someone who didn't look like they were fresh off the res, but literally every other feature of mine is so white that my minority friends would literally hand me their drugs when we went anywhere, because even if everyone got searched, the most I got was a half-hearted pat down. Then again, maybe word had just started getting around that I constantly had an erection, too.

  34. You definitely need to get her spayed, unless you want to raise (because YOU would then be responsible for their well-being) countless litters of cats.

  35. Yep. Until you can get them to regularly take pills or use condoms, this is the option. Doesn't seem likely, since it's hard to even get a majority of humans to do so regularly.

  36. Part of the problem is that these jobs take an enormous physical toll and aren’t always sustainable long term. They usually don’t offer good retirement benefits so it’s up to the employee to save on their own. For every young guy with fancy truck pulling 80-100k, there’s a 40 year old former lineman with a bad back who can’t work and is barely scraping by on disability.

  37. Being alignment is one of the least physically demanding trades there is. The worst part about it is the call-outs during extreme weather, and the high danger of electrocution, but as long as all safety protocols are followed, that risk is minimal. Having worked just about every trade there is, feel free to hate on as many of them as you want, just hate on what is actually wrong

  38. Plumbers make pretty good money and work for themselves often. The meme is stupid, but don't knock plumbers

  39. Not to mention, absolutely absurd emergency pay when someone's house begins filling up water, plus, never having to worry when something goes wrong in your own house. I am of the mind that everyone should learn as much as they can about vehicle maintenance and upkeep and repair of their homes, as well

  40. this. otherwise use bee-wax if you have to (or -since not everybody has bees- rub the screw against a candle)

  41. I mean, everyone has fairly easy access to beeswax, in the form of Burt's bees lip balm. It has other stuff in it too, but it's mainly beeswax

  42. That's because 90% of your weight isn't in your feet

  43. But how, exactly, do you make a banana stand? It doesn't have any fucking legs!

  44. We're largely not. Any time not working we spend catching up on personal stuff, like errands and groceries and cooking. There is very little time to just relax, take a road trip or even just read a book.

  45. That's why I am an independent contractor now. I work enough to meet my needs and save up, and take time when I want in between jobs. Construction isn't great, but taping isn't bad at all, and I live in a place that has much more demand than labor.

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